The THOMAS SABO Limited Editions are manufactured with precise craftsmanship that impresses with its unmistakable detailing and high quality. The flamboyant designs fulfil even the most extravagant jewellery wishes - there is something to match every taste and style.
Mythological meaning
The dynamic dragon, "yang", is a symbol of discovery, while the protective energy of the tiger, "yin", is said to help create a balance in the flow of energy. It is only when these two legendary creatures interact that their energies can balance each other, creating a sense of equilibrium and fulfilment.
Crafted to the highest standards
Created with superb craftsmanship, the jewellery is handcrafted from 925 Sterling silver with 18-carat yellow gold plating and ornate detailing.
Hand-cut stones
Precisely cut and perfectly matched inlays of onyx and tiger's eye embody the principle of yin and yang.
The elemental forces of the universe
The three-dimensional, intricately sculpted tiger and dragon motifs are elaborately decorated with finely engraved lines, facets, pavé lines and cold enamel.
Tiger & Dragon

Limited to just 100 pieces, the Tiger & Dragon pendant is a unique piece with a profound meaning and a striking look. The black silk cord chain completes the set perfectly.

DKK 7.780,00
Limited Edition