Golden Autumn
It's going to be a radiant Autumn with our gold accessories.
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Golden Autumn: Read here how to make your fall look shine with accents in yellow gold or rose gold.

Jewellery creations in gold as a homage to the golden autumn

The trees change colour, mushrooms sprout from the ground and the low-lying sun bathes its environment in a warm, yellow light. Golden autumn is the season in which we turn inwards, seek retreat into our private sphere and in which comfort is right at the top of our list of priorities. We cuddle up in blankets, knitted sweaters and thick socks in autumn colours, such as chestnut brown, saffron yellow and rusty red. Jewellery creations in the colour gold are a wonderful addition to this autumnal feel-good atmosphere. They also bring autumn magic to their wearer.

The alarm clock rings, we open our eyes, look out of the window and it is - dark. This realisation probably depresses most of us each year anew when the first days of autumn descend on us. How about a little sparkle to brighten up grey autumn days? With sparkling women’s jewellery highlights in yellow gold, you can counteract the sometimes dreary and rainy autumn weather and do something good for yourself.

Men often succumb to the autumn blues, too. You find it a bit harder to get out of bed in the morning and get tired earlier in the evening. Don't let depressing thoughts stop you! With autumnal men’s jewellery highlights in yellow gold you will radiate strength and emblazon grey autumn days with a golden brilliance.

In autumn, the days become shorter, the sun lies lower in the sky and sunsets are particularly splendid and colourful at this time of year. So it is hardly surprising that autumn is often described as the most romantic of the seasons. Jewellery in rose gold complements the romantic, red autumn mood perfectly. This gold tone flatters every skin type, has a particularly elegant effect and gives your outfit the finishing touch.

Autumn has many sad sides. It gets colder outside, the days get shorter and the umbrella becomes our daily companion. But it also has many beautiful facets. The leaves turn yellowy orange, fall from the trees and both humans and animals enjoy running through the leaves. Do not concentrate on the grey aspects of autumn but bring a golden autumnal shine into your everyday life! THOMAS SABO offers a variety of playful, sparkling Charms in yellow gold that are just waiting to be combined with your personal autumn creation in yellow gold.

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