Add the next exciting chapter to your personal story: These highly detailed, three-dimensional charms invite you to explore the world and remember your greatest adventures!
Stylish storytellers
Tell your travel stories with these versatile THOMAS SABO charms: Be it the palm tree, the sailboat or the rotating globe – you can highlight your globetrotter personality with these lovingly designed charms.
Individual combinations
Combine your favourite charms with charm bracelets and necklaces to create unique and personal jewellery combinations. Have fun collecting!
Colourful zirconia stones
Many of our Holiday Charms feature precision-cut zirconia stones for a particularly beautiful sparkle. The colourful, hand-set stones underline the THOMAS SABO craftsmanship.
Statement charms
Your passion for collecting knows no bounds: A hot air balloon, a cocktail glass, a camera – add these hand-crafted charms to your jewellery creations and transform your look into an individual statement.
Charm pendant fish gold

The fish charm is made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver and refined with an 18k yellow gold plating. It fascinates with a three-dimensional design, filigree engravings and hand-set stones. 

EUR 98,00
Holiday Charms