THOMAS SABO is ready to enchant you with the Charm Club world of “As We Tell”. It’s all about zodiac signs, birthstones, numbers and letters and other inspirations chosen for you. These charm pendants tell stories through the lucky symbolism of personal stars and the important numbers and letters in life.
Hidden happiness in numbers
Numbers are more than mathematical symbols. They are also part of your personal story. Whether they represent a special birthday, anniversary or any number of other events, carry your lucky numbers with you always, along with their significance.
The mystery of the stars
Be inspired by your star sign, its unique traits, secrets and good luck symbolism and wear it wherever you go. Our charms are designed with a retro feel.
Symbolic accessories
Discover the magical world of zodiac signs with the Charm Club collection. Each charm is hand-finished in recycled 925 silver, some are also gold-plated. Mix & match with other pendants to create your own unique style!
Personal letters

Bring your personal messages to life! Choose your lucky letters from our charms alphabet and use them to make unique statements on necklaces and bracelets.

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