Talisman jewellery: glamorous lucky charms for individual looks

Be a lucky lady! Be sure you always have some luck with you in the form of symbolic THOMAS SABO Charm Club talisman jewellery. The coveted range features exquisite designs and intricately hand-crafted pieces. Meaningful, expressive or spiritual symbols on THOMAS SABO charms, bracelets, lucky charm necklaces, single earrings for women and other distinctive pieces of jewellery transform them into powerful personal talismans. All the pieces are made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver with great attention to detail, lending THOMAS SABO's lucky charms jewellery a characteristic look typical for the market-leading brand's creations. Selected designs exude a more opulent look in warm, sophisticated 750 yellow gold plating. All pieces of lucky charms jewellery are simply must-haves whether you choose a clover leaf, horseshoe or Nazar eye – as a personal talisman or a fashion-forward accessory.

Talisman jewellery with meaningful symbols

THOMAS SABO talismans serve as effective yet on-trend lucky charms that are always with you. The THOMAS SABO design team has been inspired by international symbols of luck from all over the world and has selected motifs that are both expressive and spiritual to convey their protective forces. Choose from these highly symbolic talismans:

  • THOMAS SABO horseshoe charm: they are used to protect the feet of horses. And as horses are noble and precious animals, their horseshoes are also said to bring the wearer luck. A good luck necklace with a talisman pendant in the shape of a horseshoe is said to ward off bad luck and evil and protect the wearer.
  • Lucky clover leaves: four-leaved clover is rarely found in nature but is said to bring the wearer luck when travelling. A THOMAS SABO clover leaf bracelet helps to ward off negativity.
  • Spiritual peace symbol: this is a very powerful symbol and is often associated with the "Make Love Not War" generation. It is a symbol of peace and love. Worn as collectable THOMAS SABO Charms on a talisman bracelet or as a lucky charm necklace, the peace symbol exudes positive energy.
  • Good luck keys: keys are used to open and close doors and are also said to open the door to a person's heart. Keys represent personal hope, longing and security. Formerly keys were regarded as powerful symbols and precious objects The key luck charm continues to be very popular and is included in the THOMAS SABO talisman jewellery collection.
  • Lucky dream catchers: traditionally, dream catchers were protective talismans that were supposed to protect the sleeping person from negative influences. Evil dreams remained suspended in the spun threads and dissipated in the air. A lucky charm necklace with a pendant in the shape of a dream catcher acts like a protective shield against negative energy.

Small gifts with a big impact: silver lucky charm talisman jewellery from THOMAS SABO

Whether you are looking for a gift for your best friend, sister or for yourself – THOMAS SABO talisman jewellery charms make the perfect gifts guaranteed to bring joy to the recipient. The spiritual and symbolic gifts will bring luck to the wearer and protect them, at the same time as glamorously enhancing every outfit. Whether you opt for a 925 Sterling silver or 750 yellow gold-plated lucky talisman necklace, charm bracelet or lucky charm earrings, all the pieces are perfect for wearing together to create your own individual style.