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A mythical world full of opulent fantasy – celebrate the reinvention of the self with THOMAS SABO with artistically designed jewellery. Glamorous designs inspired by the beauty of nature and ancient sagas underline the wearer’s best self and confer self-confidence.
Richly detailed collection
In a palette that reflects the colours of the sky, encompassing blue, pink and violet, the designs invite you to rediscover yourself and redefine your strengths.
Grace and elegance
Artistically designed, the symbol of the phoenix appears both as an impressive pendant in a 3D look and as stylised wings on chokers, bracelets, stud earrings and extraordinary rings.
Hand-crafted works of art
The jewellery pieces are set by hand in an intricate finish with a variety of facet-cut stones. The beating wings of the phoenix are designed on two planes and, together with the body of the phoenix pendant, feature over 130 decorative stones that sparkle in an elegant pear or diamond cut.
Rising Phoenix pendant

The highlight of the collection is the three-dimensional phoenix pendant that is over seven centimetres long and comes in either slightly blackened 925 sterling silver with decorative stones in white and blue tones or with high-quality 18-carat rose gold plating with stones in white and pink tones featuring an opal look.

EUR 598,00
Rising Phoenix