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When heavenly elements meet in the sky, the result is beautiful, cosmos-inspired jewellery from THOMAS SABO. Reach for the sun, the moon and an array of sparkling stars with detailed designs that have been lovingly crafted with the upmost attention to detail and possess a magical radiance.
Starry look
Discover a glamorous filigree jewellery range that gives you a brightly shining look and adds eye-catching styling highlights.
Symbolic & powerful
Become a radiant eye-catcher and opt for detailed THOMAS SABO designs: with these symbolic accessories, you can stylishly connect with powerful elements of the cosmos.
THOMAS SABO relies on traditional craftsmanship and uses high-quality cut zirconia in many of its unique jewellery pieces to lend the highest brilliance to artistically created designs.
Impact with style
Discover sparkling elements of the heavens that THOMAS SABO has combined in a cosmos-inspired Collection and experience the beneficial power of the individual designs.
Stars ear studs
The single ear stud with star design in Sterling silver is crafted to a high standard and decorated with sparkling zirconia stones in various sizes – a genuine must-have for looks in the en-vogue cosmos style.
EUR 19,90
Sun Moon Stars