Be inspired by the night sky and immerse yourself in the new As We Dream collection. Our dreams take us into space, where science fiction, pop culture and precise craftsmanship collide to create unique jewellery.
A dream voyage through the galaxy
The collection is characterised by imagination and attention to detail, which are reflected in the filigree engravings, movable elements and remarkable designs.
Glow In the Dark
Shine like the stars: turn heads at every party you go to with our new glow-in-the-dark technique.
Luminous cold enamel
Thanks to glow-in-the-dark luminous cold enamel, many of the As We Dream creations will light up the night – as well as every party. Precise artistry: the cold enamel is applied to the jewellery by hand.
Alien hoop earrings

Turn heads both day and night: 

these hoop earrings are decorated with three-dimensional alien heads that glow in the dark thanks to luminous cold enamel. Amethyst-coloured zirconia stones add sparkle both to the hoops and the alien’s large eyes.

EUR 98,00
As We Dream