Enter the unique world of our Cosmic Amulet collection, which marries the brilliance of the universe with the beauty of jewellery. Inspired by the cosmos, our galaxy and the limitless wonders of the universe, the collection invites you to adorn yourself with a celestial aesthetic and profound meaning.
Love and energy
Universal symbols that underline the meaning of the designs.
Dreams and happiness
Engraved slogans to protect you on your own unique path in life.
Cosmic talismans
Elegance meets symbolism charged with energy: This pendant echoes the orbits of the planets and is decorated with symbols and engravings on both sides.
Hexagon hoop earrings

Harmony and balance: The hoop earrings with hexagon pendants shimmer with a violet sheen. Fine details such as eyes, a star, a moon and a snake transform these earrings into magical companions.

EUR 279,00
Cosmic Amulet