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THOMAS SABO jewellery for men: Vigorous, dynamic and individual

With its expressive shapes and strong symbols, the Rebel at heart-collection revolutionizes male jewellery since years. The valuable precious metals in combination with modern style and a longstanding tradition provide classic such as cool looks. The significant THOMAS SABO jewellery for men represents self-confidence, contemporary trends and a sense for style. Thanks to accurate lines and a popular material fusion, rings, bracelets, bangles earrings and necklaces receive a distinct design language.

Precise lines and highest perfection establish striking jewellery for men

Together with an experienced design team, THOMAS SABO creates cool jewellery for men. During this process, designers emphasize high-quality workmanship. The signature-feature, which unmistakably belongs to the high-quality THOMAS SABO men’s jewellery, is the blackened 925 Sterling silver. This feature also occurs to our golden jewellery for men. In this case, the silver jewellery is additionally bathed in an 18k yellow gold plating.

The exact craftsmanship is especially visible due to the filigree and elaborate arrangements. The powerful designs impress with delicate engravings, meaningful symbols, and further details. This way, each piece of our unique jewellery for men becomes a noticeable highlight. Because of the precious fashioning of the gemstones, the THOMAS SABO men’s ornaments are of such high value. Every single piece is handmade. With finest tools and precise craftsmanship, the stones are placed in their settings.

Passionate and vigorous silver jewellery: Rebel at heart

The THOMAS SABO collection combines new trends with long-term traditions. This composition is not only visible within the designs, but also within the thrilling mix of 925 Sterling silver and distinguished golden elements or stone settings.

Symbols such as the skull, the cross or the tiger provide a mystic impression to the THOMAS SABO necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets or ear studs for men. You can complete your rock-style outfit with a leather necklace, a skull ring and black earrings for men. Shining and matte elements appear alternately. Fundamental stones such as obsidian, onyx or emerald are integrated in rings for men. Braided leather adds stylish components to the silver jewellery for men.

Vivid designs: Men’s Sterling silver and leather jewellery as an expression of your own personality

The detailed pieces of jewellery for men reflect an expressive design language: they are a contributor to masculine statements. THOMAS SABO products such as men’s silver and golden earrings are surrounded by an energetic and mysterious aura. Combined with dynamic symbols, you are able to create exciting narratives, which you can present through your style.

Next to pearl necklaces for men or golden bangles, our signet rings represent self-confidence, due to the iconic symbolism. By integrating classic or modern rings into your wardrobe, you can refine any outfit. Arrange your look either casually with cool men’s jewellery, such as beaded necklaces and silver rings, or in an elegant manner with men’s earrings and a strong signet ring with a gold finish.

Effective jewellery for men transfers power to the carrier

The remarkable details within our iconic symbols add a strong accentuation to every style. With our established men’s silver jewellery, you can present your own personality in an individual way by using following elements:

  • Swords referring to heroic tales
  • The royal bourbonian lily
  • The mysterious onyx
  • The skull as a symbol for evanescence

Just as impressive in style is the THOMAS SABO jewellery for men inspired by the elements of nature, which reflects freedom and a close relationship to the earth. Breath-taking and lifelike: Our animalistic designs. With our attention to detail and high-quality workmanship, we create three-dimensional scorpions and tigers with a realistic impression. This effect is also visible in our various cool silver pendants, such as the snake-pendant for men. The THOMAS SABO beads for men combine all of these styles, which can be conjoined individually. This way, everyone can develop their own unique and meaningful creations and accessories.

Rebel at heart: For him and her

Due to the significant symbolic language and ingenious details, the Rebel at heart ornaments stand for power and determination. With its expressive designs, the THOMAS SABO jewellery addresses strong men and women.

You can purchase rings and bracelets in different sizes, which is why they can be used ideally within partner looks. You can also realize your individual partner-look by wearing the same necklace with matching pendants out of the Rebel at heart collection. The vital jewellery for men by THOMAS SABO is a perfect way of demonstrating your affiliation.