Magical jewellery creations for every bride

Whether romantic, classic, modern or vintage lover: every bride’s wishes become reality in the planning of the most beautiful day of her life. These dreams are also reflected in the selection of the accessories that will complete the bridal outfit, with particular attention to unique jewellery compositions. Discover the wide selection of stunning THOMAS SABO items of jewellery – suitable for every type of bride.
The romantic bride

A sea of flowers, a sumptuously decorated wedding cake and a magical dress with dazzling details – many brides dream of an unforgettable fairytale wedding, which enchants with a romantic atmosphere and seals emotional moments for eternity.


Discover feminine jewellery creations for romantic brides which express deep feelings.

The classic bride

A wedding that is characterised by classic elegance – many bridal couples place a great deal of importance on a particularly stylish design for the greatest day of their lives. Numerous brides therefore choose a sophisticated outfit that radiates glamour and clean chic.


Discover the timeless, elegant THOMAS SABO jewellery designs for the classic bride.

The vintage look bride

Inspirations from times passed: it is increasingly frequent for bridal couples to opt for a wedding with a characterful vintage style, which fizzes with a very special charm. A floaty dress and delicate flowers in the hair for a bohemian-chic look are complemented by pieces of jewellery with a retro feel, created with a great deal of attention to detail.


Discover our highly detailed jewellery creations, which harmonise perfectly with the vintage look.

The modern bride

Strong feelings paired with contemporary accents – weddings with their finger on the pulse enchant with fresh ideas and a relaxed, casual atmosphere in which the bridal couple and guests feel absolutely comfortable. The wedding dress and selected pieces of jewellery also celebrate the love with style elements that match the spirit of the time.


Be enchanted by our jewellery, which is perfectly matched to the taste of the modern bride.

Get an overview of the THOMAS SABO engagement rings made with great attention to detail, and all the other unique jewellery creations for bride and bridegroom, bridesmaids and flower girls.


Also discover which bridesmaid jewellery perfectly harmonises with the wedding’s colour palette. Let us inspire you!

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