Join the ear-party with the THOMAS SABO Charm Club single hoops

Beam from ear to ear: A single hoop earring inspires with its round, timeless shape. Hinged hoop earrings can be used excellently as a basic component for exciting jewellery trends. The classic design itself is already a small highlight. Thanks to lovingly manufactured details, it adds that special touch to fashionable looks. THOMAS SABO Charm Club single hoops impress with gemstone settings, filigree pendants or with extraordinary shapes, such as a lock.

We use high-quality materials, which is why all hinged hoop earrings are made of 925 Sterling silver. This way, the earrings shine together with the eyes of every girl or lady wearing them. Some of our THOMAS SABO single hoops are available in several versions: delicate 18k yellow gold or rose gold platings expand our selection.

THOMAS SABO Charm Club: Combine single hoops the way you like

Celebrate your life: When it comes to the latest ear jewellery trends, 925 Sterling silver hinged hoop earrings are perfect combination partners – no matter if they are decorated with fragile pendants or with white or colourful gemstones. A single hoop earring completes your diverse outfits: either as an individual piece of jewellery or in combination with another expressive ornament. As a sparkling eye-catcher, it is exciting to match a hinged hoop earring with further ear jewellery in a new way each day: With ear studs, ear cuffs, ear pendants or with single charmclub earrings, the trendsetters of tomorrow create cool styles, which are personal and unique at the same time. If you wear a single hoop earring together with ear cuffs, additional ear holes are not even necessary since they are simply clipped onto the outer ear.

  • Mix it: Special pendants can be hooked into the single hoop – this way the earring can be changed easily.
  • Ear party: Create fashionable looks. Different ear studs, ear pendants or ear cuffs on each ear can be added to a hinged hoop earring as a basic piece.
  • Curated ear trend: A combination of different earrings, which are composed in style and colour.
  • Back to basics: Wear the same 925 Sterling silver or gold hinged hoop earrings (18k yellow or rose gold plating) on both ears as a classical hoop-pair.

Small but beautiful: The single hoops by THOMAS SABO

Let the small things brighten your heart: With a diameter of 12 and 15 centimetres, the hinged hoops of the THOMAS SABO Charm Club are filigree earrings, which create a discreet frame to your face. Within their minimalistic shape, single hoops harmoniously complete every outfit. In a modern mix with necklaces and bracelets you can put together new trends for every day. Combined with a pendant or adorned with colourful gemstones, they are the perfect companion for the party during the evening.