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Find the perfect baby shower or Christening gift from the sweetest baby Charm selection, which is sure to make every loving new parent's heart beat faster: full of creative elements sparking immediate joy and representing family happiness.
Meaningful Charms
This jewellery range offers a variety of cute Charms made from 925 Sterling silver that can be perfectly combined with each other and are guaranteed to melt the hearts of new parents.
Charms with meaning
With the richly detailed Charms in this jewellery series, you can create individual looks and perfect little mementos that you will want to carry with you forever.
High quality material
THOMAS SABO jewellery radiates in a warm 925 Sterling silver that gives the creations a characteristic look – it is not rhodium-plated to retain the original hue of the silver.
Personal engraving
Choose creative Charms from THOMAS SABO and give your jewellery a personal touch: with personal engravings you make every Charm unique.
Guardian angel Charm pendant
The Guardian Angel Charm made from 925 Sterling silver has a captivatingly beautiful look – it is designed to protect its wearer in everyday life and offer them security in all situations.
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Baby & New Mum

Mementoes for eternity: personalised birth and christening gifts from THOMAS SABO

It is hard to imagine an event as significant as the birth of your own child. THOMAS SABO's iconic jewellery is a perfect gift to keep the memory of this special moment with you always. The intricate designs and loving attention to detail of the charms, necklaces and bracelets are guaranteed to thrill soon-to-be parents or new parents. Exquisite quality 925 Sterling silver, delicate engraving, 3D reliefs and sparkling gemstones enhance the range of christening gifts and mum and baby jewellery. The symbolic importance of THOMAS SABO charms, necklaces and bracelets for babies and children is underlined by a sophisticated 750 gold or rosé gold-plated finish. Whether sparkling little baby feet, a finely hand-crafted Tree of Love or protective symbols – these beautifully finished cute pieces are perfect gifts to mark a birth, christening or as push presents for a new mum.

Gifts for birth and christenings: symbolic, meaningful keepsakes

You will simply fall in love with the THOMAS SABO Children’s Collection that includes christening necklaces and christening bracelets as well as personalised pendants featuring guardian angels, suns, moons and hearts. And yet the THOMAS SABO Children’s Collection includes more than just perfect birth and christening gifts for the new 'bundle of joy’:

  • Jewellery for proud parents: exquisite gifts for a new mum after the birth that expresses her overwhelming emotions for her new-born. Personally engraved birth necklaces with pendant bearing the baby's initials, date or birth or christening date.
  • Gifts for godparents: THOMAS SABO's high-quality jewellery is perfect to express the strong bond between the godparent and their new godchild. Why not make the gift really special by wearing a pendant with the identical motif?
  • Keepsakes for children: jewellery that reminds the child of the first years of their life is perfect as personalised christening gifts for new-born babies. THOMAS SABO jewellery gifts for children are highly symbolic gifts to give. Giving a child a pendant carrying a guardian angel as a gift for their birth or christening is a lucky charm, they will carry with them throughout their life. A christening necklace or bracelet featuring baby shoes is a perfect gift for a little girl that she will treasure and wear with pride. And the gift of additional symbolic charms to mark a christening, first day at school, communion or confirmation will add to the charm necklaces or charm bracelet over time.
  • Beautiful jewellery gifts for siblings: the birth of a little sister or brother is also a big event in the life of the older children. Make sure that they don't feel left out by presenting them with a jewellery gift as the 'big' brother or sister. The THOMAS SABO Children's Collection includes a whole range of personalised jewellery guaranteed to make older siblings feel just as special: how about a THOMAS SABO children's charm bracelet to which the child can add symbolic charms as they get older?

THOMAS SABO's collection of birth and christening gifts provides great gift ideas for new mums, push presents, babies, godchildren, and older siblings. All the charms, bracelets and necklaces are perfect as precious mementoes and can be combined beautifully with other pieces of THOMAS SABO jewellery to create fashionable and meaningful push presents, gifts for new mums for birth or a christening.