The lucky power of our protective symbols will bring positive talismanic qualities to your every day, whilst shining the way to a desirable future.
Magic designs
Wrap yourself in a mysterious aura of jewellery and be blessed with pure happiness – your future will be magical.
Luck-oriented guide
Discover your personal lucky charm and trust in the positive effects these pieces of jewellery will have on your life.
Meaningful symbols
Lucky symbols from different cultures are united in the newly interpreted designs, so that every wearer can use the full power of the detailed amulets for herself.
Contentment & Happiness
Symbolic accessories impress by virtue of mystical elements that stand for love, contentment and optimism – use these wonderful qualities for yourself and your loved ones.
Wheel of Fortune
The eye of the pendant looks to the future with humour and optimism and supports the wearer in making personal decisions in life. 
EUR 698,00
Mystic & Cats
Bead Cat gold from the Karma Beads collection in the THOMAS SABO online store
EUR 129,00