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Party season is back! Festive jewellery for your evening looks

It’s the most magical time of the year… and also the most fun: time to shine bright like a diamond! Be the belle of the ball with festive jewellery that will perfectly complement your party outfits and get you centre stage! From a dinner with family to an office party, from a romantic date to a fun night out with your friends, ending with New Year’s Eve celebrations: here you’ll find the ultimate party accessories that will earn you instant style kudos. Browse a breath-taking selection of minimalist diamond jewellery, statement colourful pieces, pearl jewellery and smart watches. The THOMAS SABO festive jewellery selection really caters to any style and occasion!

Pearl earrings and other classic festive jewellery

If you’re meeting the family for a meal, opt for a girlie and sophisticated look: you can’t go wrong with pearl earrings and a nice woolly jumper over an A-line skirt. THOMAS SABO offers a wide selection of pearl earrings, ranging from the classic studs to ear jackets or XL shoulder dusters. You can match the earrings to a pearl bracelet or necklace for a more statement, yet still understated look.  

Dress to impress with statement jewellery

From Chinese Dragon pendants to Victorian inspired crosses, from flamboyant XL earrings to multi-coloured stacking rings: party season is the time when less is no longer more! Get your sequins out, your dresses in intense hues and match them with the most statement festive jewellery around! Flash of colours, dazzling sparkles, shiny textures… THOMAS SABO surely knows how to throw a party and how party accessories should be!

If you’re planning a boho-chic party look, then look for one of the many THOMAS SABO talismans such as the Hamsa Hand pendants, the Chakra necklaces, the Mala beaded bracelets and an array of evil eye jewellery designs. Festive jewellery perfect to end the year with luck, warding off evil!

Festive jewellery for the dapper gentleman

Handpicked for the elegant men, the THOMAS SABO festive jewellery selection includes a range of sterling silver cufflinks, sleek watches and chronographs and rock ‘n’ roll jewellery designs. Pick one or more ang give the final touches to any smart evening look.