Personalise your look with dangle earrings

There are many different types of accessories that can embellish your own look. One piece of jewellery that has lately become quite popular among women and men are dangle earrings. They come in a variety of styles, so you can easily find what suits your taste and fits your outfits.

What are dangle earrings?

As the name already reveals, dangle earrings are ear jewellery that hangs down from the earlobe. While the upper part is hocked onto the ear, the other part at the bottom typically has a decorative element. Also, the length of the accessory varies: some dangle earrings are longer than others and can even touch your shoulder. One notable feature is also that many people wear their eye-catching dangle earring only on one ear.

What is the difference between dangle and drop earrings?

At first glance, dangle and drop earrings seem to be the same. But there is a slight difference: While you walk, dangle earrings swing forth and back, meanwhile drop earrings don´t move as they hang just below the earlobe. In addition, drop earrings are an ideal accessory for your everyday looks, while dangle earrings are the perfect addition to stunning outfits for special occasions. You're sure to attract attention with big, eye-catching dangle earrings.

Dangle earrings: Create eye-catching looks

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