Pearl earrings: classics for every occasion

With their soft shimmer and their elegant colour, freshwater pearl earrings give every look a special glow and elegance. Pearl earrings by THOMAS SABO are available in different variations. This way, you can choose the perfect ear jewellery for every occasion and outfit.

  • Simple pearl ear studs for every day and style, from casual to business
  • Small hoop earrings with pearls are great accessories for every day, larger designs for special occasions. Find small and large pearl earrings in our shop
  • Hanging pearl earrings with sparkling stone embellishments are ideal accessories that complement elegant and glamorous looks
  • Single ear studs for individual combinations with further ear jewellery like simple hoop earrings, ear studs with zirconia stones and ear climbers

Silver earrings with real pearls

THOMAS SABO jewellery for women is made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver. Our pearl earrings are adorned with real pearls, more specifically with freshwater cultured pearls. They are cultivated by experts and grow naturally inside their shells.

For our earrings, we only use off-white pearls, of which the majority is roundly shaped. Many designs, especially earrings, are decorated with drop-shaped freshwater cultured pearls.

Our selection also offers pearl earrings in gold. From finely worked long earrings to classic ear studs with pearls – these designs are gilded with high-quality 18k yellow gold.

Pearl jewellery care tips

Since our THOMAS SABO jewellery is made of 925 Sterling silver, it can tarnish. This is a natural property of this metal and can occur on any piece of silver jewellery. Usually, tarnished areas can be cleaned with jewellery wipes. Alternatively, you can use a jewellery cleansing bath. Yet, pearl earrings should not come into contact with any cleaners. They could lose their natural shimmer as a result. If you want to clean your THOMAS SABO pearl earrings, please reach out to our treatment service.