Masterfully handcrafted from 925 Sterling silver and 18 carat rose gold, the precious pieces from the Fine Jewellery collection fascinate with their intricate detailing and unfold their full effect thanks to dazzling diamonds and gemstones in intense colours.
The Seven Chakras
The origin of the Seven Chakras lies in the ancient spiritual teachings of the Far East. Each chakra represents an energy centre that unites the body and soul through energy channels.
Bold, bright, carefully handcut gemstones in intense hues are perfectly highlighted by the exquisite designs elegantly framing them.
Karma Beads
Like miniature masterpieces, the collectable Karma Beads fascinate with fine detailing encrusted with sparkling diamonds.
Bold Designs for Him
The combination of blackened 925 Sterling silver with solid yellow gold and black diamonds creates statement jewellery pieces with a rock star appeal - luxurious and effortlessly cool at the same time.
The Purity of Lotus
Inspired by Art Deco motifs and re-interpreted with the addition of Far Eastern aesthetics, the delicately stylised lotus flowers and petals define these exceptional pieces of jewellery with feminine elegance.