Welcome to the Magic Garden
Open your eyes and experience the cascade of bright rainbow hues, the feeling of sheer happiness, the magic of dancing light and the joy of life itself. Discover jewellery handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail.
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Welcome to the Magic Garden!

Branches stretch out towards the sun, birds chirp in paradisiacal colours and the expectant smell of spring is in the air. Everything in this garden seems fresh, exciting and magical. THOMAS SABO integrates the iridescent magic of spring and the bond with nature into the new Spring Summer Collection. Discover jewellery that symbolises life itself and beauty that comes from imperfection – translated into precisely handcrafted designs.

Rita Ora represents the strong message of wearing jewellery

Rita Ora talking about the new THOMAS SABO Collection: “Spring awakening creates the desire for something new!” The new jewellery trends are sparkling, feminine and inspired by the magic of a summer garden. Have the courage to be yourself and make your look a message. A style is perfect when it perfectly matches your personality!“

Leaf jewellery in vintage design

Inspired by the elegance of the 60s, fine graphic leaf designs in 925 Sterling silver and yellow gold plating will shine in spring 2020. The light and filigree jewellery gains a unique vintage effect thanks to matt engraving lines and polished surfaces. A special eye-catcher of the leaf jewellery is created by the zirconia stones set by hand.

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Colourful like paradise plumage

Colourful, gorgeous and strong: The birds of the Magic Garden are not only eye-catchers, they also fascinate by virtue of their strength. Show your closeness to nature with a touch of extravagance with the magical, colourful THOMAS SABO jewellery in bird and feather motifs!

Discover the high quality THOMAS SABO Magic Birds line»

Powerful and dangerous: The Magic Snake

What would the magic of nature be without its animal companions? The power animal snake stands for the connection to your personal creative power. It is a powerful, special being. Unmistakable in its form, it decorates the finger of its wearer as a ring and is also a special eye-catcher as a pendant.

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Gorgeous pieces of jewellery in magic animal motifs

The scarab symbolises resurrection and life. In ancient Egypt it was seen as a symbol of the sun god Ra and was often worn around the neck as an amulet. Even today, the scarab is still a popular decorative motif together with other insect motifs.

The butterfly on the other hand is a master of transformation. It spends almost his entire life as a caterpillar and in a cocoon. Only in the last quarter of its life does it unfold its true beauty, its true beautiful self. This makes the butterfly a unique jewellery motif with an important message. The dragonfly is also blessed with impressive wings. Known as the acrobat of the air, it stands for spiritual power and wisdom. The dragonfly looks both elegant and playful, especially as a chain or bracelet pendant.

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Embodiment of elegance: The cat as a magic piece of jewellery

If particularly elegant people are described, it is often said that they have the grace of a cat. With its soft velvet paws, its walk is almost silent, its movements fluid and - whether visible or not - it seems to observe everything with an attitude of knowing (better) from the background. This mysterious aura makes the cat one of the most popular jewellery motifs, which highlights the natural elegance of the wearer.

Be impressed by the THOMAS SABO Magic Cat »

Tree of Love: The love of nature

There is hardly anything in the world that radiates as much peace and stability as a strong tree with a thick trunk and deep, strong roots that are firmly attached to the ground. This stability and strength is believed to be given to the wearer through jewellery with the impressive tree symbol.

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Create your personal Magic Garden Charm bracelet!

The Magic Garden of THOMAS SABO has so much to offer! Cactus, avocado etc. invite you to decorate your very own Magic Garden Charm bracelet with the most beautiful motifs of a magic garden.

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Feel the magic inside you with our Magic Stones

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