THOMAS SABO has partnered with STUDEX, the global piercing leader and largest manufacturer of ear piercing. Over 100 million ear piercings have been performed using STUDEX precision instruments worldwide, a sign of trust and quality.
Trained specialists
Only trained sales associates who have completed the required training programme are authorised to pierce ears at THOMAS SABO.
Ear piercing: How it works
Quick facts and advantages
In a fast, gentle and hardly perceptible way
The STUDEX system used by THOMAS SABO is very gentle thanks to its patented technology and thin stud pins.
Quiet piercing system
The handling of this system is almost noiseless, to prevent frightening customers, especially children. so that even children are not frightened.
Sterile application
Thanks to the use of sterile cartridges, THOMAS SABO sales associates do not touch the ear stud or the clasp during the piercing process. The device itself never comes into direct contact with the ear either.
Optimal healing
The automatically correct positioning of the stopper on the stud allows enough air to reach the pierced hole and, like the narrow piercing channel, contributes to optimal healing.
Hypoallergenic earrings
For ear piercing, we do not use THOMAS SABO ear jewellery but special, medical ear studs from STUDEX made of surgical steel and real gold. They comply with the EU REACH Regulation. They are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly and therefore ideally suited to preventing allergic reactions.
Stylish ear jewellery after the healing phase
After the healing phase with the medical ear studs, you can finally select your favourite earrings from THOMAS SABO. Whether discreet studs or eye-catching drop earrings - THOMAS SABO offers you a wide selection of high quality and handcrafted jewellery made from 925 Sterling silver.
Which parts of the ear can be pierced?
THOMAS SABO offers piercings on the ear lobe. We offer multiple lobe piercings, combinations such as two to three ear studs on the ear lobe for example. A THOMAS SABO sales associate will be happy to help you create your individual earring look, ready for when you can remove the medical grade ear studs.
Our Earring collection
Choose from over 400 THOMAS SABO ear jewellery designs: from the perfect hoops to sophisticated drop earrings, cool ear climbers, mix & match ear studs - you will find everything you need to create your ear look.
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