THOMAS SABO goes on a trip around the world with ethnic and tribal jewellery


From Polynesian Maori symbols to Native American Indian dreamcatcher talismans, from African patterns to Far Eastern protective amulets: travel the world with THOMAS SABO! The Ethno edit features a selection of beautiful, intricate ethnic jewellery designs handpicked from the Rebel at heart and Glam & Soul collections. Each of these carries a special meaning with deep and ancient origins that stem from all around the world. With multicultural influences, these tribal jewellery pieces are crafted from blackened 925 Sterling silver, feature a radiant 18k yellow or rose gold plating and are encrusted with multi-coloured stones and genuine diamonds.


Discover feminine tribal jewellery from THOMAS SABO’s most popular ranges


Featuring brightly colourful as well as earthy tones, the stunning pieces from the Oriental Chic range are a must-have for all jewellery lovers. These ethnic jewellery pieces feature Far eastern symbols such as the Hamsa Hand, the Evil Eye and the Seven Chakras, complete with vivid semi-precious stones and dazzling diamonds. Such oriental-inspired designs are beautifully translated into captivating pieces such as ear studs, bracelets, beautiful pendants and ethnic necklaces that will serve as protective talismans to the wearer. From the Africa range, traditional tribal jewellery pieces are reimagined into elegant shoulder duster earrings, ethic necklaces, large cocktails rings and hand-crafted glass Karma Beads.


If you are a fan of the boho-chic style and love a more laid back look, the colourful tribal jewellery pieces in stunning reds and turquoises from the Dreamcatcher range are the perfect jewellery for you. Whether you are getting festival ready, or just want to add a touch of colour to your look, complete your outfit with dreamy feathers or dreamcatcher talismans to give instant hippie style vibes to any outfit.


Strong and bold: discover the intricacy of the Maori range


Created with great attention to detail, the Maori range is perfect for men and women that love to be fierce and are not afraid to express their bold style. With their intricate tattoo and ornamental designs, elements of the Maori can be seen in everything from shark tooth pendants, whale fin bracelets and expressive skull rings: the ultimate style icons for THOMAS SABO fans all over the world.