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Pendant heart pavé from the  collection in the THOMAS SABO online store Pendant heart pavé from the  collection in the THOMAS SABO online store

Charming silver pendants for necklaces

Necklaces with silver pendants are more than just alluring jewellery: dating back thousands of years, pendants always have hold deep cultural, religious and personal significance to their owner . We create our pendants with high-quality 925 Sterling silver; the colour of grace and elegance, adding additional purity and clarity to the meaning of the timeless treasure.

Which silver pendants for necklaces are popular?

Pendants come in all kinds of styles, sizes and with or without ornaments or decorating elements like colourful zirconia stones. It should resonate with you and reflect your values and beliefs with the aim of eventually enhancing your individual look and adorning yourself.

In our online shop you can find a wide range of traditional pendants and the latest trends:

  • Classic and minimalistic silver pendants in heart or coin shape for your necklaces, bringing the owner love, good luck and fortune.
  • Cross pendants to underlinde your religious beliefs or to create eye-catching statement looks.
  • Silver pendants with edgy and mysterious symbols like a wild cat or a snake.
  • Stunning pendants in various sizes decorated with a variety of colorful stones.
  • Designs inspired by nature: hummingbirds, dolphins, butterflies and more.

If you prefer your golden pieces of jewellery, you can also choose our gold pendants to create timeless looks.

How big should pendants for necklaces be?

The size of the pendant is a question of your own taste. We, at THOMAS SABO, think that there is no “too small” or “too big” when it comes to pendants or charms: discover now your new favourite jewellery pieces and enjoy your journey of beauty and self-love.

Whether large or small, eye-catching or delicate, plain or with stones – at THOMAS SABO you can find your new favourite silver pendant. To complete your unique outfit, choose a fashionable THOMAS SABO necklace for your new silver pendant and add some matching bracelets. This way you create stunning jewellery looks and bring your sense of aesthetics to the outside world.