Beach essentials: jewellery and accessories for the beach

I’m going to the beach and this is what I’m packing... We reveal what must-have accessories you need for your beach or lake trip – and how to best combine them. 


Time for a dip! On hot days, the beach really is the best place to hang out. Whether at nearby lakes or on holiday at the seaside, we show you how to keep things nice and chic. With our looks, you will find the perfect balance between a relaxing sunbathe and a sundowner at the beach bar. Here come the beach essentials for your summer!

Wrapped around your ankle: anklets

From a dreamy feminine style to well-travelled boho chic: anklets are once again an absolute must this summer and are back in the most varied styles. Cute charms with nautical motifs or summery fruit are just as popular as anklets with beads in bright colours. Especially when stacked. For this, combine multiple anklets one on top of the other. You can wear anklets on one foot or both, it is entirely up to you. 

On the sunny side of life: sunglasses

Almost as essential as your swimmers: sunglasses are an absolute must for any day at the beach. Not just because they protect us from harmful UV rays, but also because they look so incredible. There is something for everyone: cool retro flair with square or round lenses, a sophisticated look with cat-eye models fit for a diva or a casual boho look with colourfully tinted lenses – so there is nothing standing in the way of a casual beach chair vibe.

More sun, more everything: necklace layering

Necklaces are rarely alone – especially at the beach. Trendy necklace layering is a must for a casual beach look. Try out different necklace lengths and types. A combination of metal and wooden beads as well as gemstones is especially popular for a nautical look. Bright colours teamed with silver- or gold-coloured jewellery convey a feeling of summery lightness, letting you show yourself from your best side, including at the beach bar of an evening!

Underwater treasures: shell pendants

This will bring back some childhood memories: who didn’t love looking along the beach for the most beautiful shells as a child? This summer, it is a huge trend to wear these ocean treasures as jewellery. Whether as a charm or in combination with beads, as a necklace, ring or bracelet – shells will make every beach outfit shine. Could there be any better place for these underwater beauties to end up?

Our tip to ensure the jewellery looks brand new for longer: take it off before swimming, because salt and chlorinated water can damage the 925 sterling silver. You can find all our tips on jewellery care here.

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