This festival summer will be full of colour

Experience summer in all its glorious colours – with the hottest events and jewellery from the Rainbow Heritage collection that’s bursting with joie de vivre.


This year’s motto is Summer is Colourful! This is mainly thanks to the awesome events and festivals that are happening again this year – and, of course, to the jewellery we wear for them that make us sparkle and glow that little bit more. The new Rainbow Heritage collection shimmers in all the colours of the rainbow and awakens our appetite for new adventures. We’ll reveal which events are setting the mood plus the best looks to wear when you’re there. 

Rainbow looks for Pride season 

During Pride season, the LGBTQ+ community all around the world celebrates the diversity of society, with the aim of encouraging more acceptance and a more peaceful coexistence. The wide variety of human expression is represented by the colours of the rainbow – probably the most beautiful symbol there is for confidence, hope, joy in life and harmony

With such bright colours taking centre stage, it’s only natural that unique styles will be on the agenda as well. It’s going to be colourful, loud and fun. Anything and everything goes – whatever appeals to you and allows you to express your unique personality. For anyone partying at the parades in German cities like Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart – take inspiration from the rainbow and let your outfit and accessories speak for themselves. Looking for the perfect match? Our jewellery from the Rainbow Heritage collection features sparkling stones in colourful hues like yellow, orange, pink, blue and green.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream in colour 

If you want to dive into a completely different world at a festival, check out the more imaginative events like the Holi Festival of Colours or Belgium’s Tomorrowland. The atmosphere at the latter is like dancing and partying in a fairy tale. The occasion calls for dreamy dresses, elfin looks and fabulous accessories that befit the festival’s mystical ambience. For a match made in heaven, take a look at the floral and filigree pieces in our Magic Garden collection.

The Holi Festival of Colours transforms every venue into a kaleidoscope as people throw brightly-coloured powder through the air to create a spectacular, multi-coloured rainbow. To enjoy the full effect of the colours, wear an all-white outfit. At the end of the day, your clothes will be covered in striking patterns in vibrant tones – a lot like our favourites from the Rainbow Heritage collection. 

Boho looks for a summer of music 

Breezy boho looks will dominate the grounds everywhere, from classics like the Melt! Festival, Fusion and Lollapalooza through to Donauinselfest in Vienna and a host of smaller festivals in between. A combination of cool bandanas and chunky boots, fringe and embroidery, hip bags and extravagant jewellery all conjure up a feeling of freedom, adventure and summer. This style works best with layered necklaces and stacked rings, which can be just as colourful as the outfits themselves, or even more so.

Large necklace pendants featuring mystical elements – like those in the Mystic & Cats collection, or rainbow charms and accessories from the Rainbow Heritage collection – are the ideal choice for cool styling that mirrors this season’s exuberant mood.

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