S is for sterling silver

    925 sterling silver is an alloy of two metals. It consists of 925 parts of the precious metal, fine silver and 75 parts pure copper. This is the most popular composition of a silver alloy used in the jewellery sector. Due to the added copper element, the silver alloy is characterised by its higher hardness and its resistance compared to pure 999 silver. This silver alloy can be processed with a variety of techniques and is very white in colour. The name sterling silver received its origins in the UK because the first English silver penny, the so-call “sterlings” were made of this alloy. For these reasons, THOMAS SABO exclusively uses 925 sterling silver for its jewellery. 925 sterling silver is also nickel-free and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.
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     Care instructions

    If sterling silver jewellery is not worn for a long time, the silver may become slightly blackish and discoloured due to its reaction to the surface environment. This is not a quality defect, but an ordinary chemical reaction that occurs when the alloy meets water, air and materials containing saline or sulphur (e.g. rubber and paper).

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     This can be counteracted by:

    1.      Using the most airtight storage to minimise oxidation. Aluminium foil and pouches                also help.

    2.      Protecting jewellery from salt water, shampoos and aggressive materials such as                  cleaning agents.

    3.      Wearing jewellery regularly to counteract oxidation.

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    Jewellery can be easily cleaned in a silver dipping bath or with a special silver cleaning cloth. Care should be taken when cleaning jewellery that also uses delicate materials, e.g. pearls. These materials may be attacked in the silver bath, so these should be polished with a silver cleaning cloth only.

    Tip: Have your pieces professionally cleaned free of charge in our THOMAS SABO shops.

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