Friday the 13th: Find luck despite the superstition!

    Discover the lucky jewels you need to equip yourself with on this unlucky day!
    Find lucky THOMAS SABO jewellery

    Around the world, Friday the 13th is notoriously synonymous with bad luck. A day that can cause anxiousness and worry, it even has its own phobia name – paraskavedekatriaphobia! This phobia has been known to leave people refusing to leave their beds, let alone their houses!

    Arm yourselves on this special day with pieces of jewellery that are said to not only bring luck to your everyday life, but also inspire confidence, courage and strength

    Surround yourself with luck

    The four-leaf clover is famously known to bring good luck and according to Irish tradition, it symbolises faith, hope, love and luck. Super rare in nature, it is said that only 1 in 10,000 clovers have four leaves. With this in mind, there is no need to go searching for years for these, simply get your hands on a guaranteed four-leaf clover at THOMAS SABO

    Charm-Anhänger "Kleeblatt"
    Charm-Anhänger "Coin Kleeblatt"
    All clover accessories at a glance!

    Other lucky charms

    The horseshoe is another lucky charm said to have reputed magical powers. Allegedly, it makes the owner untouchable, protects them against evil spirits and prevents natural disasters. Traditionally the iron shoe is hung over doors or fireplaces, but with the horsehore charm, it can sit around your neck or wrist Instead! You can also do the same with the lucky pig charm that is completed with a cloverleaf collar and is considered a symbol of prosperity, fertility and strength.

    Charm-Anhänger Hufeisen
    Charm-Anhänger "Schweinchen mit Kleeblatt"

    Mystic jewellery

    Whilst most people try to hide from the horrors of Friday 13th, there are those who embrace it! Instead of facing the date with fear and terror, discover mystical and ominous pieces such as the skull, the cactus and the cat, which are said to bring a magical touch to the day.

    Charm-Anhänger "Totenkopf silber"
    Charm-Anhänger "Kaktus silber"
    Charm-Anhänger "Schwarze Katze"

    Grab a piece of luck

    If you too now want your own pieces of luck, then discover more talismans online or in a store near you, which you can easily locate via our shop finder. Share a selfie of yourself and your acquired lucky charm on Instagram by tagging @thomassabo.

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