Zodiac Gemini

    Intelligent, outgoing, enthusiastic and sociable: these are some of the personality traits of those born under the Gemini sign, the so-called 'twins' (May 21 to June 22).
    Charm pendant "zodiac sign Gemini"

    The Gemini and their characteristics

    Element: Air
    Planet: Mercury
    Gems: Citrine, amber, orange calcite
    Colors: Yellow, orange
    Gemini-fashionistas: Naomi Campbell, Bar Rafaeli, Angelina Jolie

    Charm pendant "zodiac sign Gemini"
    Charm pendant "hearts"
    Charm pendant "birth stone May"

    The Gemini and their style

    The style of these extremely social beings is daring, colorful and playful with a dash of eccentricity, but always tasteful and stylish. The Gemini woman may mix an elegant silk blouse with vintage jeans, or accessorize her look with a flamboyant hat. No wonder that many world-known fashionistas such as top models Naomi Campbell and Bar Rafaeli are among the ones born under the air sign.


    Express yourself

    Gemini women do not want to change anything but the world! True to this philosophy of life, they love to express themselves with accessories that are real conversation starters, such as charm bracelets adorned with plenty of charm pendants that represent their explosive personality.

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