The Ultimate Mother's Day 2021 Gift Guide

    For the person who stands by you no matter what and knows you inside out: discover the perfect jewellery gift ideas to show your love and gratitude to Mum or the important maternal figure in your life – be inspired by our Mother’s Day 2021 Gift Guide.

    THOMAS SABO jewellery is all about deep symbolism and special meanings. From a birthday to a wedding anniversary, a baby shower, Father’s Day or even just to say “Good Luck”: both the men’s and women’s jewellery collections cater to any occasion, allowing you to pick a present that represents your feelings, as well as the personality of the receiver. For Mother’s Day 2021, falling on 14th March, we have created an edit of the most symbolic jewellery gifts, so that you can celebrate Mum in the most special way.

    An unbreakable bond – Together we are strong

    This year brings a Mother’s Day like no other and with most of us currently separated from family, show your love with a beautiful item from our Together range. Featuring intertwined and inseparable elements, the designs symbolise the unbreakable bond you share. Let the jewellery do the talking - the perfect gesture to let her know how important she is to you. Together we are strong: even if far apart, we are together in heart.

    necklace heart TOGETHER small

    Give a unique, personalised gift

    Create a gift that will bring tears to her eyes: she is unique, so she deserves a present created just for her. With the THOMAS SABO complimentary engraving service, you can celebrate the uniqueness of your Mum by engraving your personal message forever on a piece of jewellery that becomes a token of your love. A date, a name, the initials of you and your siblings, a sweet emoji symbol: the options are infinite! Create your engraved necklace, bracelet or charm now!

    Bracelet classic with Dots silver
    Bracelet classic

    Give Family Love and Strength

    Symbolising family, the Tree of Life jewellery from the Tree of Love range is a sweet and sentimental gift for Mother’s day. The Tree of Life pieces symbolise the generations of the family down from the roots and up to the fruit. It will remind your mum of her family whenever she looks at it.

    bracelet tree of love silver
    Necklace tree of love silver

    Queen of the Castle

    Celebrate the woman who shaped who you are today and remind them of how they have inspired you to grow and succeed. The detailed items embellished with sparkling zirconia stones and fine lines form a real statement of strength and self-worth. A little daily reminder of their inner power and strength and the effect they have on the whole family.

    Ring crown gold
    Necklace crown gold

    Everlasting Flowers

    Why not gift with flowers that will last forever. With our Magic Garden range, experience a spectacular triumph of colour in form of highly detailed masterpieces: jewellery wonders inspired by nature carry you into a garden full of sparkling highlights, where butterflies swarm and shine between floral and leaf designs. With butterflies symbolising change, renewal, hope, endurance and courage, gift this symbol as a sign to embrace the transition to better times that will come.

    Magic Garden: New collection & floral jewellery highlights
    Necklace flowers colourful stones gold
    ear studs butterfly gold

    No matter how you celebrate Mother’s Day this year, be sure to show the Mum figure in your life how much they mean to you and remind them just how special they are.

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