How to clean your THOMAS SABO jewellery

    Read on to find out how to best care for your sparkling accessories and keep them looking as good as new.

    To ensure the longevity of your jewellery and to keep them looking as good as new, we recommend that you clean every piece once a month. This will allow you to protect your favourite accessories from cosmetic deposits and soap residue and guarantee a long-lasting shine. Find out more on how to clean your jewellery pieces below.

    Silver jewellery with & without a blackened finish

    THOMAS SABO designs with a blackened finish should only be cleaned with a silver cleaning cloth if the surface of the jewellery is polished and only the recesses are blackened. Silver jewellery without the blackened finish should be polished with a soft cloth and a special silver cleaning cloth. Be sure to avoid silverware baths, gold jewellery baths, harsh cleaning agents, solvents, and toothpastes.

    Jewellery cleaningcloth 30x24cm grey mf.
    Jewellery cleaningcloth 16x16cm grey,mf.

    Gold-plated silver jewellery

    We recommend cleaning your gold-plated THOMAS SABO jewellery with one of our cleaning cloths, by gently polishing the surface until your accessory starts to shine again. To protect the gold plating, polish the jewellery gently and avoid using hard cloths.

    Freshwater cultured pearls and mother-of-pearl

    Your freshwater cultured pearls and mother-of-pearl should only be cleaned with a soft cloth, otherwise the surfaces will become dull. Opaque gemstones should be cleaned with a damp, soft cloth. If necessary, carefully clean under running water with a soft brush, but avoid using rinsing agents and solvents.

    Jewellery bath 375 ml
    Jewellery bath 150 ml
    cleaning spray

    Leather & Obsidian Bracelets

    For leather bracelets, ensure only the silver elements are cleaned with a silver cloth. Obsidian bracelets can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

    Jewellery boxes

    By following our cleaning guide, you’ll be sure to prolong the life of your jewellery and keep them looking as good as new. For extra care, protect your favourite accessories from dust and damage with our THOMAS SABO jewellery boxes. Thanks to their timeless look, they also make the perfect gift.

    Jewellery case large black beige
    Jewellery case round black beige
    Jewellery case

    Professional cleaning

    At the THOMAS SABO headquarters, we offer a professional cleaning service where our team will clean and polish your accessories and return them back to you free of charge. Simply drop by one of our THOMAS SABO stores or send your jewellery directly to our headquarters today. Discover more about this service here.

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