Responsibly designed: All about our membership in the Responsible Jewellery Council

    THOMAS SABO is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), which promotes responsible business practices in the jewellery and watch industry. Learn more about the importance of certification.

    As a world-renowned jewellery brand, we are responsible not only for what we do, but also for what we do not do. Because we want to convince people worldwide not only with our designs, but also with an environmentally compatible and human-rights-compliant corporate policy, we are a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

    The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is the world’s leading standard-setting organisation for the jewellery and watch industry. It has more than 1,500 member companies in 71 countries, covering the jewellery supply chain from mining right on through to retail. All RJC members are committed to complying with the RJC Code of Practices – an international standard for responsible business practices for diamonds, coloured gemstones, silver, gold and platinum group metals.

    In order to earn the status of a certified member, all of our company’s business practices – from supply chains to our own stores to the central operating processes in effect at our headquarters – were successfully reviewed through an independent external audit in accordance with the standards of the RJC Code of Practices 2019.

    What is the significance of an RJC certification?

    Established in 1984 by company founder Thomas Sabo, today our jewellery brand is one of the leading international jewellery companies. We are an employer for more than 1,200 employees, a business partner to 2,100 trading partners and have an established worldwide network of suppliers in the jewellery and watch industry.

    For us, membership in the Responsible Jewellery Council is an incentive to continue to raise awareness of social and environmental practices in the jewellery and watch industry, both today and in the future.

    For us, global, responsible thinking and acting is a matter of course. We continuously strive to improve conditions for people and the environment.

    Thomas Sabo, Chairman and Company Founder

    Shown in the picture: Jewellery items from the THOMAS SABO Engravables Collection

    An important aim of corporate policy at THOMAS SABO, as a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, is to partner with many other leading companies in the industry on behalf of resource-efficient production of jewellery and watches.

    Guidelines in production and for our supply chains

    In addition to the high quality we strive to achieve in our designs and material, we take strict measures to ensure that our suppliers for silver and gold are also certified members of the RJC or have a comparable other certification.

    Whenever possible, we choose environmentally friendly materials for use in our global logistics and in our stores. The medium-term future goal is the continuous search for recyclable materials right across the supply chain for, among other things, packaging, gift boxes and shopping bags. For example, we already use only cardboard and plastic-free paper with FSC certification; this is how we support responsible forestry.

    As a compass for our employees

    RJC certification also serves as a compass for our employees every new working day. So at THOMAS SABO, environmental protection is an integral part of company culture: Our central headquarters in Lauf a. d. Pegnitz, in Southern Germany, offers a sustainable working environment, with energy- and water-efficient systems, such as geothermal energy for heating and cooling processes for our everyday operations, or a rainwater recovery system through our green roof areas.

    Social engagement

    We have also shown social commitment for many years through our own THOMAS SABO Foundation, which is dedicated to disadvantaged children and adolescents and provides projects personally sponsored by company founder Thomas Sabo. We frequently work with our customers to launch charity campaigns for a good cause. 

    Shown in the picture: An item of jewellery from the THOMAS SABO Tree of Love Collection

    If you would like to find out more, it is worth taking a look at the current About us section of the THOMAS SABO Online Shop. Here you can learn more at a glance about the components of our responsible value chain and our company’s activities on behalf of a sustainable future.

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