Jewellery Cases: Stylish treasure storage for at home & on the road

    Discover the timeless jewellery boxes that are ideal for storing your accessories - also great as gifts for your loved ones.
    Discover all THOMAS SABO jewellery cases

    There's good news for avid fans of accessories: THOMAS SABO has designed new jewellery cases where you can store your personal treasures. Our new products have practically partitioned interiors and offer you a stylish way to store your favourite jewellery and watches. Best of all, the jewellery cases are unisex in design and come in a variety of styles - for home and away.

    For at home

    Always running out of space to store your jewellery in a practical and easy to access way? Then we can help you! Our jewellery cases are available in square or round shapes and have several levels and an integrated mirror, perfect treasure holders so you will never lose an item or tangle a chain again, what’s more… the boxes themselves will look very chic on display.

    Schmuckkoffer groß schwarz beige
    Schmuckkoffer rund schwarz beige

    The square THOMAS SABO jewellery case in black and beige is a high quality jewellery case made of medium density fibreboard, finished with finely structured imitation leather. The interior with numerous compartments is designed with a soft velvet cover in a timeless shade of beige. There is a large mirror in the lid. The round jewellery case with its two levels is perfect for neatly storing your favourite jewellery. A mirror is embedded in the lid so that all your pieces can be placed in the same way. Both THOMAS SABO cases impress with their high quality finish.

    For on the move

    Your practical companions on the road: with the help of our cases for short or long distance journeys, you can set off safely on any adventure with your favourite pieces!

    Schmuckrolle schwarz
    Reiseetui schwarz

    The imitation leather jewellery roll contains a large compartment and two small compartments - closable with zips. In addition, a roll for stringing rings provides a safe place for numerous pieces of jewellery. The square case is small and in the lid there is a pocket as well as three flaps, which are well suited for chains. The interior is divided by a removable insert for attaching earrings. Underneath there is a large compartment for further necklaces, bracelets and an area for inserting rings.

    Jewellery case for watches

    It's not only your jewellery that should always be safely stored, but also your watches - and that's exactly why THOMAS SABO has designed two classic watch rolls. The black, finely structured imitation leather cover and the beige tone of the soft velvet on the interior give the first watch storage model a timeless look. The same applies to the mini model, in which you can perfectly store one of your watches. The watch roll with removable cushion offers space and security for a timepiece and with its high quality workmanship is an absolute highlight for every watch owner.

    Uhrenrolle für 3 Uhren
    Uhrenrolle für 1 Uhr

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