Single's Day: Treat yourself to beautiful pieces of jewellery

    Celebrate the Singles Day with us and simply give yourself a present - #self-love!
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    There's hardly anything better than taking time for yourself, sweetening your me-time with wellness, strolling through the city super relaxed or scrolling through countless online shops and grabbing stylish accessories! For those of you who suddenly feel guilty, remember that ...

    ... Self-love then begins,
    when you're dealing with yourself that way,
    like you're his best friend.

    Feel-good accessories

    So you should use November 11th, the official 'Single's Day', to concentrate on yourself and do something good. Browse through our THOMAS SABO online shop and enjoy the 15 percent discount on all jewellery - but only for today! Attention all gentlemen: Discover rockig-cool THOMAS SABO pieces that underline their strong personality - the compass seal ring or the skull bead, for example, are perfectly suited for this. In the ring you will discover the diversity of the world and of life, the design with onyx inlay and cut-outs will serve you as a timeless companion. Just like the iconic symbol of strength: the bead - a handmade piece of jewellery that stands for the loyal heart of its wearer.

    ring compass black
    Bead Skull King
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    Radiant ego moments

    For the women among the readers who finally want to treat themselves to something really fancy again, the star earrings should discover for themselves. Hardly any other accessory underlines your aura better and more flatteringly than these magically sparkling earrings. These earrings pull an elegant tail of small zirconia stars, which swings slightly with every movement. The 'Little secret' bracelet is a versatile piece of jewellery that surprises with a symbolic tree of life called 'Tree of Love'. The Tree of Love helps you to find and keep your love for yourself. With a glance at the accessory you will be reminded daily, without hectic rush and above all with patience for yourself, to master the day with the focus on your self.

    earrings stars silver
    bracelet Little Secret Tree of Love
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    Jewellery for more self-love

    But if you need more energetic strength and wisdom for your life and your self-love, then visit our online shop and choose one or more 'Tree of Love' jewels - whether as a watch, ring and/or necklace. All three pieces envelop you in a natural elegance and femininity and let you reconnect with your radiantly beautiful soul.

    women’s watch
    ring "tendrils small"
    necklace "Tree of Love"

    Worth knowing about the 'Single's Day

    This special holiday was apparently brought to life in the 90s at various Chinese universities - and of course the young single people celebrated this day with countless parties. In addition the date choice (11.11) has a special meaning, because one chose this day with intention, because the number 1 should stand as a symbol for a single. Equally revealing is the fact that 'Single's Day' is apparently the online shopping day with the highest turnover in the world.

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