Sunglasses Day 2020: Keep an eye on these sunglasses

    On 27 June, all eyes are not only on stylish sunglasses, but on the protective features of the accessories as well. Here’s what you need to look out for when shopping for your new favourite pair of sunglasses.
    Discover all THOMAS SABO sunglasses

    THOMAS SABO sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory, but a piece that will help you protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays thanks to its UV400 protection.

    Sonnenbrille Panto Johnny
    Sonnenbrille Panto Johnny Totenkopf
    Sonnenbrille Quadratisch Marlon Kreuz
    Sonnenbrille Quadratisch Mia braun
    Sonnenbrille Verspiegelt Rund Romy Ethno
    Sonnenbrille Quadratisch Jack beige

    Put on UV 400

    To make people aware of the need to protect their eyes in the sun, the Vision Council organises Sunglasses Day every year. The goal of the day is to celebrate the importance of sunglasses wherever they are sold.

    Eyewear chain
    Eyewear chain
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    Eyewear chain
    Eyewear chain
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    One billion eyes

    In 2018, the organisations viral campaign was deemed a success and garnered over a billion impressions across social media. This large number has contributed to sunglasses with UV 400 sold worldwide.

    packaging SET Eyewear beige
    packaging SET Eyewear black
    eyewear cleaning cloth

    Take care of your eyes

    Since last month, THOMAS SABO have been offering sunglasses with UV 400 protection. UV protection is important because on sunny days, the pupil and lens can be heavily damaged leading to tissue damage of the connective tissue and/or cornea.
    All THOMAS SABO Eyewear comes with UV 400 protection, meeting the worldwide-required standards and requirements.

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