World Bee Day

    On 20th May, World Bee Day will be celebrated for the second time since the UN made it an official day in 2018. On this day, the decline of the world’s bee population and their need for protection is highlighted.
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    World Bee Day falls on May 20th for a special reason: On that day in 1734, Slovenian pioneer Anton Janša was born in Breznica, Slovenia. He taught as a beekeeper in the first modern apiary school and became famous for his lectures and knowledge in the beekeeping field.  

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    Meaning of the bee

    The bee has great importance because they are a pollinator of biodiversity and food, meaning it is fundamental to humanity. In addition, the small insects are responsible for the production of honey and are important for a happy and healthy environment.

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    Bees and food

    To highlight just how important bees are for food production, a supermarket in Hanover, ...

    emptied their shelves of products that are directly or indirectly dependent on insect pollination

    ... the Bee Journal reported. The stunt saw approximately 60 percent of 2,500 products taken off the shelves to demonstrate just why we should be looking after bees.

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    Bee protection

    In order to draw everyone’s attention to bee protection, numerous events are being held worldwide this World Bee Day. Interested in the safety of bees? The Bee rescue project has shared information on how to make your garden and many green areas more bee-friendly.

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