Star sign Aries

    The impulsive zodiac sign with the contagious joy for life – the sign of those born between 21st March and 20th April.
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    The Aries and its characteristics  

    Element: Fire
    Planet: Mars
    Gemstone: Ruby, Diamond
    Colour: Red
    Aries fashionistas: Victoria Beckham, Alessandra Ambrosio, Emma Watson

    Whether it be love, work or sport – the ram does not shy away from a challenge! Those born under the Aries sign walk through life with an energetic, courageous and carefree attitude.

    Charm-Anhänger "Sternzeichen Widder"
    Charm pendant birth stone March
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    The Aries and fashion

    The Aries woman loves her look to be effortless and casual, so she prefers sneakers to high heels. In her wardrobe you will find mainly garments with straight cuts and clear lines. The colour of the impulsive Aries is clearly dominant: a vibrant red. Her jewellery of choice is striking and decorated with the hue favourited by the fire zodiac sign.

    Pendant on chain pomegranate
    Ring flowers colourful stones gold
    ear studs Hexagon, green

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