Kaleidoscope: Patterns meet colours to form majestic jewellery pieces

    Inspired by the view into a kaleidoscope, our handmade pendants reveal a magical garden made of intense hues and beautiful animals hidden in intricate patterns.
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    Do you remember when, as a child, you would be able to look into another ever-changing, magical world with the help of a kaleidoscope? Even as adults, a kaleidoscope maintains its hypnotic effect, thanks to the patterns of light shaped by pieces of coloured glass and mirrors. Very popular in the 1960’s, the kaleidoscope aesthetics have had a particular influence on pop culture and modern design to this day.

    For Spring/Summer ’20, THOMAS SABO has also taken inspiration for the designs of some of the most colourful and intricate jewellery pieces ever created.

    Intense kaleidoscopic colours

    Our designers have created unique kaleidoscopic accessories that give us an impression of infinity. The result is an array of THOMAS SABO pendants and charms that are particularly captivating with their intense radiance. The jewellery range is inspired by motifs from nature, skilfully integrated into our kaleidoscopes: look closer to see the dragonflies, butterflies, flowers and leaves hidden in the patterns.

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    The choice of material for the vivid colours of the 925 Sterling silver and 18-caratc gold plated dragonfly pendants creates a mesmerising kaleidoscope effect. Over 250 coloured stones and inlays of iridescent abalone mother-of-pearl adorn the pendants, all cut and set by hand as a pave with bezel settings.

    pendant amulet kaleidoscope dragonfly gold
    charm pendant amulet kaleidoscope silver
    pendant amulet kaleidoscope butterfly gold

    Our signature piece, the exotic and beautiful kaleidoscopic charm, captures the magic of evolving geometric shapes. And the ornament of our butterfly pendant inspires with its stones in a shimmering opal effect. All the kaleidoscope pieces inject the wearer with a meditative and relaxing attitude, thanks to their fascinating effect. 

    Fun facts on the kaleidoscope

    The origin of the name of the kaleidoscope comes from the ancient Greek “kalós eidos skopéin” which means "seeing a beautiful shape/form". On the occasion of the world exhibition Expo in 2005, Japan presented the largest kaleidoscope in the world: a 47-metre high tower with a spherical ceiling that refracted the light of the sun through rotating coloured lenses and several mirrors – it must have created quite the effect!

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    Japan may have presented the largest kaleidoscope of all times, but THOMAS SABO is able to impress with the most elegantly crafted kaleidoscopes jewellery: unique, impressive, hypnotic and unsurpassable in terms of colour intensity, figurative power and quality.

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