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    We chatted to Scottish blogger Amy Spencer about jewellery, style, travel and lifestyle. Read the interview to find out more.
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    We had a lovely chat with Amy Spencer, the Glasgow-based blogger and fashion influencer behind The Little Magpie blog and Instagram profile. Fashion, travel and lifestyle lover: read on to discover more about Amy’s personal style and favourite jewellery looks.

    TS: Hello Amy! Please can you tell us a bit about yourself, the journey that led you into fashion blogging and how Instagram has changed the way you work with brands.

    A: I started my blog almost a decade ago when I was at university, mainly because I absolutely loved writing and wanted to explore different outlets, and have been doing it full time for 5/6 years now. It's been interesting to see how it's changed over the years and the shift in focus from blog content to Instagram (both from a brand and reader perspective) but I like that it's ever-changing and that each day brings something new. As much as I love Instagram, my blog will always be my baby and I personally still love reading blogs myself - they're just that little bit more personal and give you more of an insight into someone's life and personality.

    Your personal style seems to be very versatile, variating from feminine and romantic to bold and cool. How does this reflect on your taste in jewellery?

    My personal style does change quite often; some days I'm very heavily inspired by 50s pin-up style and other days I want to dress like a poor man's Keith Richard. I would say my taste in jewellery tends to be a wee bit more constant though - I'm a big fan of wearing multiple rings, of mixing gold and silver, of hoop earrings and layering fine gold necklaces.

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    The first time you collaborated with THOMAS SABO, you featured our Rebel at heart Skull ring. Then you wrote a blog post about our Generation Charm Club collection launch, choosing gold skull charms to decorate your bracelet. Do you consider yourself as a rebel in life? Can you tell us more about your rock ‘n’ roll side?

    I still wear that skull ring often now, it's one of my all-time favourites, along with the Tigertooth necklace - they both come in particularly handy on those previously mentioned Keith Richard inspired days! I have to say, I'm very un-rock 'n' roll in real life: I'm more 'bed by 10pm with a movie' kind of gal, but I am partial to a bit of skull jewellery - I can at least pretend I'm a rock god that way…

    necklace Tigertooth
    ring skull
    Charm pendant skull gold

    What are your current favourite THOMAS SABO pieces?

    I got a gold cuff engraved with 'Mamey' in occasion of Mother’s Day: I never take it off as it makes me feel closer to my Mum.  

    Amy with her mom - the influencer is wearing a THOMAS SABO bracelet

    You can't go wrong with a good pair of hoop earrings so I'd have to say these ones below are among my daily jewellery staples. I'm also a really big fan of anything with moons or stars in, so these THOMAS SABO Magic Stars earrings caught my eye immediately. 

    hoop earrings royalty gold
    hoop earrings classic small
    earrings royalty Star & Moon

    Last but not least, I've been wearing this gold signet ring for the past month and love how simple it is, it's a really great day to day ring and works both on its own or layered up with others. 

    ring Vintage Star gold
    ring Red & green stones, gold
    bangle love cuff

    What is the most sentimental piece of jewellery in your jewellery box and why? 

    I have a costume necklace that my great Gran gave to me when I was around 6, that I truly believed was made of diamonds and used to guard with my life, that makes me smile every time I look at it. There's also a lovely vintage necklace my Mum and brother got me as a graduation present as well as a necklace Rob made me over a decade ago just before we got together - those three make up my most special jewellery pieces I own.

    What are your favourite places to hang out to in Glasgow? 

    Ah, there are so many! I'd say Cafe Strange Brew for brunch, Black Pine for coffee, Botanic Gardens on a sunny day, Kelvingrove Museum on a rainy day and Great Western Road for vintage shops.

    Favourite travel destination you have been to so far, and the one on top of your bucket list! 

    There are honestly too many! Italy's one of my favourite places in the world but I also absolutely loved Iceland, New York, the North of Scotland... too many wonderful places in the world to choose from! Top of my bucket list are New Zealand and Canada, both are places I've wanted to visit for a long time.     

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