Dee Ajayi: Jewellery-Interview with a vibrant British singer

    Meet Dee Ajayi: A young woman with big dreams and a love for music, dance and arts. We had a little chat with her during the photo shoot for 'THOMAS SABO on Tour – Hello London!' Here's what Dee told us about her life and style.
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    Dee Ajayi: Singer & Songwriter

    Meet Dee Ajayi, British singer/songwriter with an explosive personality. She lives by the motto: "Positivity is key". Dee is originally from Birmingham, but considers London her second home, as she visits the city nearly every week for her numerous gigs. Here’s how she feels about performing:

    I find a sincere peace in performance and my main aim is to use my voice and stage presence to leave my audience in the same head space.
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    Dee is now in the releasing stages of her solo project: an organic body of sound that best captures her bright aura and healing intentions, with influence from the likes of Lauryn Hill, Billie Marten and Brian McKnight. Check out her SoundCloud here.

    How would you describe your personal style?
    Comfortable, soulstress style, with a side of sexy!

    Dee Ajayi wears the 'Paradise Colours'-Collection
    Watch unisex

    Silver or gold girl?
    100% silver. I would wear every single piece from the THOMAS SABO Rebel at heart collection – it’s fierce!

    Favourite THOMAS SABO design?
    Tough question as there are so many stunning pieces! But I totally fell in love with the Rebel at heart Scorpion Pendant – such a bold and statement piece!

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    Charm pendant "Vintage hand gold"

    Tell us something fun about yourself
    I have been a Gold Medalist Cheerleader. Also, if ALL my career plans fail, I have the ultimate back-up plan: join a travelling circus as a contortionist!

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