Zennor Rose: THOMAS SABO Interview with an influencer

    Meet Zennor Rose: An actress that also shares a love for music, dance and arts. We had a little chat with her during the photo shoot for 'THOMAS SABO on Tour – Hello London!' Here's what Zennor told us about her life and style.
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    Zennor Rose grew up in a small town of Cornwall called St Ives. Her name is inspired by the protagonist of a popular Cornish folk tale, the Mermaid of Zennor, who is known to have lured a man she loves into the blue depths of the ocean. Zennor Rose is an aspiring actress, like many others realising the necessity to come to the big city to practice what she adores. She tells us that moving to London at 18 wasn’t hard, but it hasn’t been easy living away from the wild scopes of Cornwall.
    Zennor on her art:

    Every day is another shot at success and surviving by my craft, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
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    Our hero motif for the season is the dragonfly, which is seen as a symbol of change and self-realisation: where and how do you see yourself in 10 years' time?

    A Dragonfly for me is a symbolic sign of beauty, rarity and of taking the small moments to appreciate what we have. I think this is a great way to begin to realise what lies ahead in the next 10 years. Here’s what I hope for: waking up knowing I am surrounded by like-minded individuals who want to create and shape our generation and many to come. I’ll have so many projects on the go that there won’t even be time to make tea! (English heritage) This is my idea of success, and maybe one day you’ll see me on the big screen.

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    What is your relationship with jewellery?
    Jewellery represents such a strong part of my style, to the point that I would still feel dressed if I only wore jewels and feel naked when I’m not wearing any.

    Silver or gold girl?
    Dripped in radiant gold, always!

    Zennor Rose loves the 'Paradise Colours'-Collection by THOMAS SABO

    Favourite THOMAS SABO piece?
    I particularly like the Vintage Signet Ring... and all the other yellow gold designs with dazzling stones. I am in love with the whole collection.

    Tell us something fun about yourself.
    I recently adopted a little white rabbit, living alone is now complete!

    'THOMAS SABO on Tour' with Zennor Rose in London

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