Style guide: Wearing and styling men’s bracelets – how to put together a cohesive look

Cool styling in an instant – we’ll show you how you can perfect your outfits with bracelets as well as the best way to style your jewellery.


The perfect bracelet

To loosen up a shirt or highlight your casual leather-jacket-and-shades look – bracelets have enormous potential for injecting a little personality into an outfit. And they do it effortlessly – that’s the secret when it comes to styling and coordinating bracelets and other pieces.

That’s why the key rule for wearing bracelets is to keep it authentic. 

Don’t go over the top by wearing too many, but rather choose the pieces that appeal to you the most. Start with one or two bracelets made of different materials, such as silver and leather, or beads made of precious stones.

It’s all about the proportions

When it comes to bracelets, many men worry that golden jewellery in particular, but also larger pieces in silver, could look ostentatious and over the top. This can be avoided with one simple rule: Pay attention to the proportions

Those with slim arms and wrists should opt for equally streamlined pieces. Those with wider wrists can afford to play around with chunkier styles. Alongside gold and silver, you can of course experiment with leather bracelets and beads.

Bracelet stacking: Here’s how it’s done

If you want to combine lots of bracelets in a nonchalant look, there are a couple of ground rules you should follow when it comes to stacking. Here are our tips for stylish bracelet looks: 

1. Keep it everyday appropriate

Even if it looks cool to wear bracelets up to the middle of your forearm, the jewellery should also work with your everyday life, as well as with the specific occasion you are wearing it for. If you spend most of your time working on the computer, well-fitting bracelets made of precious metal or leather are better than a stack of beaded bracelets which could become irritating or start pinching at your wrist. 

2. Select a theme

If you’re wearing lots of bracelets together, put some thought into how they look together. Choose a style and stick to it when combining your bracelets. They should only vary either in their material, width or colour

3. Create a balance 

The golden rule: When stacking your bracelets, ensure that the number and widths of the bracelets is in balance, without being completely identical. To do so, play with bracelets in different widths and try to create a balance between the materials on both wrists. A fine silver bracelet combined with beads and a leather bracelet on one wrist work well with a thin leather bracelet and a bracelet made from precious stones, wood or stone on the other. Try it and, if in doubt, test out wearing fewer pieces at first until you find the perfect balance.

Combining a bracelet and a watch

Men who wear a watch can integrate it into their overall concept. More specifically, this means combining fewer bracelets and ensuring that the colour and material of the watch coordinate with your look. Thin bracelets worn on the same wrist as the watch work best for this – preferably below the watch near the wrist bone. The other wrist can then be adorned with wider bracelets to create a visual balance.

When it comes to style and colour, it’s best to build the look around your watch as this is the main element of the arrangement. Whether you choose a monochrome or colour block look: Here you can mix and match depending on your mood. Even a real mix of styles looks great when you put a little thought into the styling. Beads or a fine leather bracelet bring an elegant note to a sporty watch or a modern accent to an elegant silver watch. Try it out for yourself!