Create your own Advent Calendar: Perfect gift surprises

    Want to make a personalised and thoughtful gift in the lead up Christmas day? Or even gift a loved one to help them count down to the end of Lockdown… Read on for our stocking filler suggestions.

    Say goodbye to the classic Advent calendar - why not find a cute keepsake box and fill it with small gifts for loved ones, you could number them for the run up to Christmas, ending with the final shining star to be opened on Christmas Day! After all, lots of little small surprises often lead to the biggest wow and memorable moments - and that's guaranteed with our THOMAS SABO Charming Collection.

    Winter Charms

    Our THOMAS SABO charms are the absolute eye-catchers during the winter season, will fit perfectly into any small Advent calendar bag or box and will lead a starry path to Christmas day – literally, with our star charms! Don’t forget to include the charm bracelet or necklace so that the charms can be worn in style.

    Charm pendant star stones gold
    Charm pendant glitter star
    Charm pendant snowflake
    Charm pendant moon colourful stones gold

    All ears

    With the radiant earrings from our Charming Collection range, you are guaranteed to perfectly frame your face and add that final touch to your seasonal outfit. We also have rebelliously cool accessories for any lucky male recipients.

    Single ear stud white Stones gold
    Single ear cuff white stone gold
    Single ear stud white Stones gold
    ear studs Black cat
    ear studs skull
    Discover THOMAS SABO earrings for men

    Chains are a must-have

    Scale up the size of the surprises and opt for our detailed, unique and handcrafted masterpieces in the form of necklaces and chains.

    Necklace green stone gold
    Necklace snake gold
    Necklace crown gold
    Necklace stars
    necklace Star & Moon silver
    necklace stars

    A heart for your loved ones

    ‘Tis the season for love and kindness and we all know this year has been particularly tough for us all. Use our heart medallions to remind your loved ones of your constant presence, even if you may not be able to be together.

    pendant heart medallion star pink
    necklace locket heart
    pendant heart medallion star silver

    Put a ring on it

    Our Charming collection offers beautiful, simple stacking rings which make the perfect addition to your homemade advent calendar of dreams. Perhaps even the perfect occasion to use the final present in the calendar as a surprise engagement ring – that will certainly provide the biggest WOW imaginable!

    Ring infinity with white stones rose gold
    Ring white stones, silver
    Ring white stone gold
    Ring Black Studs
    band ring
    band ring cord

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