Apple & Snake: The key for seductive serpent designs

    The apple has always been considered a symbol of perfection: with the seductive snake winding around it, you make a mystical decorative statement.

    Discover the new snake motifs that have entered the THOMAS SABO Magic Garden. The snake, a seductive power animal, has been captured in elegant designs in silver and yellow gold. Traditionally, the snake is a symbol of seduction, wisdom and protection: use its elegance as the perfect finishing addition to your look and let the power animal accompany you on your life's journey.

    Pendant key with snake gold
    Pendant keys silver
    Pendant key gold

    Seduction, power & protection

    The snake is interpreted in various cultures as a powerful mythical creature, which lives a naturally secluded life, is shy and afraid of conflicts and encounters with people. Its elegance in the movements and mysterious life have inspired our THOMAS SABO designers to create pieces of jewellery that will give a magical touch to your style. Discover an array of high quality 925 blackened sterling silver and 19-carat yellow gold plated snake designs.

    Ring Schlange gold
    Ring Schlange silber
    Discover the magical THOMAS SABO jewellery

    Seductively, the handcrafted THOMAS SABO snake ring design in gold winds itself twice around your finger and envelopes you in an aura of seduction, power and protection - perfect for serving as your personal talisman. This special piece of jewellery also fascinates with its fine pattern, sparkling stone setting and a red drop-cut centre stone. The masterfully handcrafted snake ring is stunningly detailed with sparkling stone trimmings in different colours. A drop-cut centre stone crowns the high quality design of the snake ring. Let yourself be captivated by the charisma of these fascinating pieces of jewellery and feel the energy of this striking piece.

    A symbol of wisdom and fertility

    In Catholicism, the snake has been considered the incarnation of the devil since the beginning of the world, with the reptile accounted responsible for the banishment of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. It tempted the couple to eat the forbidden fruit, the apple, from the Tree of Knowledge, which is why God had to expel the labelled sinners from paradise. A prejudice that still persists today among many believers. In other religions, the snake is also a holy being that stands as a symbol of wisdom and fertility and that is what our accessories embody. 

    Kette Schlange gold
    Kette Apfel rot
    Kette Apfel gold

    In order to pay due tribute to history, THOMAS SABO has designed the seductive power animal as a golden snake pendant, which hangs from a finely crafted necklace and impresses with its graphic modern pattern and faceted stone setting. The design has a timeless and noble effect, which you can match to the apple pendants from the same range to create an Adam and Eve inspired set – a real conversation starter and a statement look. The apple designs have a leaf with white zirconia pavé and are a symbol of perfection.

    Fascinating eye-catchers

    Our snake jewellery not only looks seductive on your fingers and décolleté, but also on your ears when wearing our snake earrings with multicoloured stones and 18k yellow gold plating. It is an elegantly curved design that fascinates with a striking centre stone made of synthetic corundum with a drop-cut. Equally flattering are the open snake hoops with stone pavé in a striking black and red contrast, which creates the impression of a real snake body. The highlight of the earrings is a drop-cut red centre stone on the head of the power animal. Both accessories are impressive eye-catchers.

    Ohrringe Schlange gold
    Ohrringe Schlange gold
    Discover the snake designs from THOMAS SABO

    Minimalist snake look

    Just as authentic is our bracelet from the THOMAS SABO Magic Garden Snake range. Particularly popular is the bangle made of 925 sterling silver with 18k yellow gold plating, which has an unusual prismatic shape in cross-section and gives each wearer a minimalist look with a graphic snake pattern. The curved snake design in 925 sterling silver with 750 yellow gold plating and coloured stones has an impressive tropical-cut centre stone. The snake pattern has been interpreted in a graphically modern way to create a lively look. The eye-catcher of this extraordinary bangle is the head of the power animal, which is intricately set by hand with multicoloured gemstones.

    Armreif Schlange gold
    Armband Schlange gold
    Armreif Schlangenhaut gold

    Make these pieces of jewellery your daily favourite companions, which you can combine perfectly with our delicate THOMAS SABO snake bracelet, which has been elaborately finished by hand with fine lines and stone pavé. With so many impressive snake motifs from THOMAS SABO, you'll soon be spoilt for choice, which will become even greater with our pendants – but don't hesitate and dive further into the magical world of THOMAS SABO.

    Mystical expressiveness

    The pendant with mystical snake and apple symbolism: elaborately crafted by hand from 925 sterling silver with 18k yellow gold plating, the pendant will delight you with its high-quality look. In its centre is an apple with a rotating function, around it a finely worked snake winds its way seductively. Deep black sparkling zirconia stones and hand-applied red cold enamel create exciting colour contrasts. The apple pendant with white zirconia pavé is equally convincing. The piece of jewellery has an extraordinary matte gold tone. You can combine the two pendants perfectly with the snake Karma Bead, which has a mystical expressiveness. The snake also winds itself around your bracelet or necklace as a decorative ball. Other THOMAS SABO Karma Beads from the Magic Garden collection are the perfect complement.

    Anhänger Apfel mit Schlange gold
    Anhänger Apfel gold
    Bead Schlange gold
    Bead Apfel gold
    Einzel Ohrklemme Schlangenhaut gold
    Immerse yourself in the magical world of THOMAS SABO

    The Apple Bead has an exceptionally matte gold tone and a three-dimensional look. This piece is also set with white zirconia pave, making the fine leaf a sparkling eye-catcher on the otherwise simple design. Our snake shaped single ear cuff, which is especially useful for fashion lovers without pierced ears, is one accessory not to be missed. The timeless ear clip winds seductively around the wearer's ear like a snake. Style tip: combine ear jewellery with other THOMAS SABO Ear Cuffs and earrings in the same or different designs. 

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