Elements of Nature: Expressive designs for a bold styling

    Water, Fire, Earth and Air: THOMAS SABO has combined the four elements of nature in a distinctive jewellery series.
    Discover all THOMAS SABO Elements of Nature jewellery here.

    The beginning of life and the universe is the result of the interaction of water, fire, earth and air – as described by the doctrine of the four natural elements. In addition, each element is assigned a special property, colour and zodiac sign. THOMAS SABO has combined some of these characteristics in its symbolic Elements of Nature jewellery line. Read more about it here!


    The element of water plays a central role in the creation myths of many cultures: it is considered as the symbol of origin of the world and is associated with the colour blue. The water element includes the zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, which are considered to be sensitive and empathic. In addition, the symbolism of these zodiac signs means the soul can be as deep as the water.

    Pendant amulet elements of nature black-gold
    Pendant amulet elements of nature gold


    Fire zodiac signs such as Leo, Aries and Sagittarius are courageous and particularly passionate with personal freedom being very important to them. Zodiac signs with imprinted fire energies have a connection between heaven and earth - they reach for the stars and are still connected to the earth. This energetic natural element, fire, is represented by the colour red.

    Ring elements of nature silver
    Ring elements of nature gold

    Donation to TENT

    The designs of this THOMAS SABO jewellery collection symbolises a love of adventure and closeness to nature, which are perfectly reflected in the individual creations of this symbolic line. The aim of this impressive men's collection is, above all, to do something good: for this reason, THOMAS SABO is donating a total of 10,000 euros to the independent charity The European Nature Trust from Great Britain, on the ‘International Day for Conservation of Biodiversity’ which supports nature conservation and wildlife projects to preserve biodiversity.


    The colour green is symbolic of the earth: it brings out life as well as food and absorbs all other elements. The earth sign includes Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn who are grounded realists, very disciplined and pay attention to order in all situations.

    Discover all THOMAS SABO Elements of Nature jewellery here.


    The air zodiac signs include Gemini, Aquarius and Libra: defined as sociable, fond of travelling, tend to be descriptive and are gifted in communication. Air is represented by the colour of the sun, positive attitude and cheerfulness: yellow.

    Bracelet elements of nature gold-silver
    Bracelet elements of nature tiger‘s eye gold
    Ear studs elements of nature gold

    Effective effect

    With these unique Elements of Nature designs from THOMAS SABO, you can add an expressive finish to any outfit and highlight your zodiac sign in style. Discover the symbolic jewellery in this collection and experience its powerful effect.

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