Golden Summer: Radiant gold jewellery

    Be inspired by the golden variety and create the perfect summer look with our handcrafted jewellery.

    Warm summer nights, blooming meadows, days spent it the sun: Summer is officially here, it’s full of promise and is as vibrant and varied as our colourful jewellery. Let yourself be inspired by the golden THOMAS SABO variety and design your summer styles with our handcrafted jewellery, just the way you like it.

    Necklace layering leaves gold
    Necklace colourful stones, gold
    Necklace double white stones gold
    Necklace double colored stones gold
    Necklace colorful fruits gold
    Necklace crescent moons & stars

    The joy of anklets

    Accessorise your summer skin glow with our golden creations from the THOMAS SABO anklet range. These golden, length adjustable accessories make the perfect companion this season.

    anklet Colourful stones, gold
    Anklet discs gold
    anklet Dots gold

    Striking accessories: gold rings

    The enthusiasm for golden jewellery can also be found in many of our THOMAS SABO rings, offering you everything your jewellery heart desires! These accessories, some of which are handcrafted, fascinate with striking colour, special stone cuts and natural designs making them the ideal summer statement accessory.

    Ring grape gold
    Ring pineapple gold
    Ring watermelon gold
    Ring double colored stones gold
    Ring colourful stones, gold
    Ring colourful stones, gold

    Sunglasses for stylish summer days

    While you're at it, complete your look from head to toe with our statement THOMAS SABO sunglasses. With integrated UV400 protection and matching glasses chains, you'll be perfectly equipped and ready to enjoy some sun.

    Sunglasses Audrey Cat-Eye Havana
    Sunglasses Johnny panto ethnic Havana
    Sunglasses Mia square grey

    Summer style statement

    To make a true summer statement, finalise your outfits with other captivatingly beautiful jewellery pieces from our online shop, explore more at today.

    THOMAS SABO wishes you a wonderful summer ☀️

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