Jewellery Trends for Autumn: Geometric Shapes & Colours of the Elements

    What kind of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets do we want to wear this autumn? We have summarised the six most important jewellery trends of the current season.

    Jewellery trends are as different as we are ourselves, because what we wear so close to the body like necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets is something very personal, even intimate. Jewellery is not only a matter of the season, but in the best case for the whole life. Conversely, this does not mean that there are no jewellery trends - on the contrary: they are just particularly well thought-out and often timeless, not just designed for a few months. This autumn, for example, they include inspirations from nature or geometric shapes. Here we have summarised the six most important trends...

     Inspiration straight from nature

    Nature is more important than ever to us, as the last year and a half has proven. Who doesn't enjoy walking through a forest, admiring flowers or watching butterflies? What exactly is fascinating about it - there might be individual preferences - but since jewellery is a highly personal matter (more on this later), this should also be reflected in one's own jewellery pieces. When elements from nature are designed as pieces of jewellery, then there is always great symbolic power.

    ring Tree of Love
    Ring butterfly gold
    ring feather pavé

    A cloverleaf? Of course, it stands for a never-ending streak of luck. A tree? The symbol of eternity and earthiness. A feather? Symbol of freedom and lightness. A butterfly? Announces perpetual change. In the new season, nature emblems take on a statement role, are often deliberately designed to be striking and can/should be worn as single pieces - as a reminder of what is really important, with an almost soothing effect.

    The colours of the elements

    While we were on the subject of nature: Also, when it comes to colours in the autumn/winter season, the inspiration lies in nature. Garish, loud colours are largely passé for the time being - in their place are now tones that can be assigned to the colours of the elements. There are, for example: A strong, yet too restrained blue like the most beautiful, cold seawater; a grassy green reminiscent of autumnal meadows; or even an orange as just discovered on the leaves of a deciduous tree.

    Discover classic THOMAS SABO jewellery, with stones in the colours of nature

     Added to this are soft pastel colours, such as a light pink, like that of a beautiful sky very early in the morning; they calm and unite the yet so different colours of the elements. This trend is particularly harmonious when the aforementioned tones are combined, for example in the form of different coloured stones on a necklace or bracelet - or also when several rings are combined with each other. The result is a kind of autumnal rainbow.

    Geometric shapes

    Trends, especially jewellery trends, usually have a matching counter-trend. Even to shapes inspired by nature, there is the anti-thesis - namely: geometric, almost minimalist-looking shapes. In their deliberate simplicity, these are particularly elegant and timeless. Strictly speaking, the trend is not really a trend at all in this respect - but simply a turn to classic, perfected jewellery shapes, interpreted in a modern way.

    Ring white stones pavé silver
    Necklace tag with white stones gold
    Ring white stones pavé silver

    After all, jewellery should accompany us for more than just a few months of our lives, and the more time we spend with a jewellery piece, the more moments we share with it, the more meaningful it becomes in a miraculous way. And who says it can only be one piece of jewellery? The geometric jewellery pieces now look particularly modern when many of them are combined together. And if you like it even more personal, you can have one of them decorated with a discreet engraving.

    Glamour galore

    Autumn is traditionally the start of the party season - and with it, especially now, a time for which we have had to wait far too long. As far as jewellery trends are concerned, this means: it is allowed to sparkle and flash, jewellery pieces can hardly be more eye-catching. But: such a look should not be too much - that's why the most beautiful glamorous jewellery pieces are those whose stones are eye-catching but whose shapes are classic and comparatively simple.

    Simple elegance, classic shapes: The THOMAS SABO Autumn/Winter Collection 2021

    In addition to the aforementioned sparkling stones, eye-catching pearls are also in vogue. Both are reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties, the time around 100 years ago when people partied more excessively than ever before. Quite a few futurists are currently predicting that a new Golden Twenties are upon us - the glamorous jewellery pieces are probably messengers of this assumption. One thing is certain: In the festive season, they are exactly what we want.

    Industrial cool: Link chains

    Since we have just been talking about timelessness - yet another classic is currently celebrating a comeback: link chains. Link chains always reflect a certain toughness and also closeness to everyday life - two aspects that can be wonderfully reinterpreted.

    @lenalademann with a link chain from THOMAS SABO

    Link chains (necklaces, but also bracelets) become really exciting when they are designed in a new and unusual way - for example, set with small, sparkling stones or combined with the unexpected, such as pearls. Their cool charm remains and is complemented with a certain playfulness and femininity. Depending on the thickness of their links, link necklaces work as statement pieces worn individually, but also perfectly transform a look when layered.


    So-called "charms", i.e. small pendants, on jewellery can lead to wonderfully charming expressions of personality - and since we are known to live in the age of individualisation, these are among the current defining jewellery trends. They are particularly popular on bracelets, but the trend has now spread to necklaces as well. Such "charm bracelets" are known as friendship symbols, for example, but the great thing about them is that there are no limits to their expression and meaning.

    Necklace lock gold
    Necklace with symbols silver
    Charms Autumn Winter 2021

    Speaking of expression, self-realisation in jewellery not only refers to jewellery pieces with charms, but also to personalisation - that is, when an otherwise plain piece is individualised with an engraving. This also looks particularly contemporary on jewellery that is directly inspired by everyday life and transfers it into the symbolic, for example on the trendy lock shapes. They are also a romantic symbol at the same time: For the key to the heart, this autumn and forever.

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