Embrace the hottest jewellery trend for 2021: Layer Up!

    Discover the new THOMAS SABO Charming Collection and have fun playing with layered necklaces and bracelets to create a statement look that represents your style and personality.

    Do you love necklaces and bracelets but aren’t quite sure of how to style them? We can help! Here is your styling guide to layering perfection, with styling tips on how to skilfully create an on-trend layered look with the jewellery from our THOMAS SABO Charming Collection.

     A little introduction to layering

    Layering is the fashion industry term describing the art of overlaying pieces of jewellery on your neck and on your wrist. This involves combining a number of chains of different lengths, metals and designs with each other to create a striking layered composition which should feel effortlessly unique. You can opt for dainty and delicate combinations or mix contrasting, bold designs for an even more statement look. You can then keep mix & matching over and over, put infinite combinations together and adapt them to your outfit and mood, making the most out of your jewellery favourites! 

    Necklace with symbols multicoloured gold
    Necklace heart gold
    Necklace infinity silver

    The art of layering to perfection

    The motto for the layering trend is: “More is more!”. From now on, you can wear all your favourite necklaces at the same time, but beware: the necklace combination should look harmonious and sophisticated, not messy and overloaded. Mastering the art of layering can be difficult, but all you need is creativity and a little help in choosing the right chains to create your look with. Styling tip: It’s essential to create some spacing. This is to give balance to your layering look, highlight each individual piece and to avoid tangling up: make sure that your chains differ 2-3cm in length between each other for a pristine result.

    How many chains?

    The layering trend prays that you should wear chains over chains over chains and you can follow this flow, but don't overdo it! Fashion editors advise all jewellery fans to layer a maximum of five chains on top of each other.

    Pendants are in

    You can add an extra touch to your neckline by adorning your chains with colourful pendants or small coins. When temperatures drop, wear your layered necklace look over a buttoned up shirt or turtleneck top for a chic and elegant effect. Discover the New Charming Collection to find the perfect layering jewellery pieces that you’re going to love, all crafted from 925 Sterling silver and 18-carat yellow gold plating. From pretty letter pendants to infinity symbols, animal and geometric pendants, delicate Y-shaped necklaces and more – play with signature THOMAS SABO designs reinvented in a new delicate way.

    Start with the layering base

    tart with a base from which you shimmy from top to bottom. Choker chains that fit around your neck are perfect for this. You can find many of these in the THOMAS SABO Charming Collection for 2021: whether with a heart, a cross or feather pendants or simple in a black velvet vintage style – find the one that matches your style!

    Necklace letter A gold
    Necklace colorful fruits gold
    Necklace lock with key gold

    Layering with bracelets

    What you can layer with chains, of course, also works with bracelets and cuffs. Why not try a cool mix of Little Secret rope bracelets and colourful beaded bracelets? Add a shiny bangle that can be skilfully combined with delicate THOMAS SABO pieces with pendant.

    Bracelet lock silver
    Bangle turquoise stone
    Discover THOMAS SABO bracelets and bangles

    Enjoy your shopping

    Embrace the layering trend with the THOMAS SABO Charming Collection. Browse our online store www.thomassabo.de to explore the wide selection of necklaces, bracelets, but also earrings and ring. Alternatively, visit your local store to discover the whole new collection.

    Share your Charming look

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