Little Secrets: The perfect friendship bracelets for your bestie

    Psst! Let us tell you a little secret: here you can find the ultimate present for the bearer of all your secrets.

    Celebrate that person who you deeply trust and share all your secrets with, the one who would never betray you and will always stand by your side. Thank your best friend for their loyalty with a little gift that means the world. Trust and respect are the fundamentals of any friendship. Knowing that you can share any secret with a person who is not going to judge you and is sure to keep that secret safe makes you feel loved and lucky. Thank your best friend for their loyalty with a little gift that means the world and that represents your special bond.

    bracelet Little Secret Classic
    bracelet Charm Little Secret cercle
    bracelet Little Secret Classic

    Best friends forever

    THOMAS SABO has designed the Little Secrets range of friendship bracelets in celebration of this special relationship. Delicate rope bracelets with Sterling silver ornaments which  symbolise your friendship and at the same time connect: trust, love, loyalty, shared secrets are all represented by these dainty jewellery pieces. From the heart to the compass, from the tree of life to the anchor: each of the symbols has a special meaning. Pick the one that better represents your friendship and gift your bestie with a token of your love.

    bracelet Little Secret Tree of Love
    bracelet Little Secret plume
    bracelet Little Secret Classic

    Stylish friendship bracelets

    The delicate, hand-knotted rope bracelets in a variety of different colours are perfect for stack-up combinations, but also look classy if worn on their own. The highly detailed Sterling silver ornaments all bear a strong meaning and symbolise a sentiment. The abalone compass rose, for example, represents orientation on geographic maps, but also in life. This makes a meaningful gift for your friend, as hand in hand, you two find your path in the world.
    The size-adjustable friendship bracelets also come with an engravable coin, bar or heart: have this engraved for free with a personal message and create a gift which is unique to you. Find out how to easily engrave your jewellery on the 'How-to: Customisation with Free Engraving' article.

    bracelet Little Secret cœur
    bracelet Little Secret Classic
    bracelet Little Secret médaille

    Shop your Little Secrets online and in-store

    Whether a present for your best friends or for yourself, you can shop the Little Secrets range on the THOMAS SABO online shop or at a store near you. Just use our Shop Finder to find your nearest shop. Discover the rest of the Little Secrets range on THOMAS SABO online or in your nearest store using our Shop Finder. Happy shopping - and don't forget to share your @thomassabo looks on Instagram!

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