Magic Garden: New collection & floral jewellery highlights

    Be inspired by the deep symbolism of our new jewellery range & experience a colourful spectacle in the form of graphic masterpieces.
    Discover the new world of jewellery from THOMAS SABO

    Nature-inspired beauties in the form of butterflies flit between floral designs and whisk you away to a garden full of sparkling elements - enjoy the fresh elegance of our new THOMAS SABO jewellery range.

    Be ready to fly

    Opt for jewellery that has a fashionable aura and a positive effect on your state of mind. Perfect for this are our butterfly ring and matching ear studs, where the detailed cut-outs lend your styling a delicate finish. The intricately hand-set stones shimmer in different shades of pink and have an opalescent radiance.

    Ring butterfly colourful stones gold
    Ear studs butterfly gold
    Discover the new THOMAS SABO Magic Garden accessoiries

    Both butterfly pieces symbolise transformation: find your inner balance and focus entirely on developing yourself – all with style, of course.

    Floral elements

    Put your look into focus and opt for the sophisticated leaf earrings, which are studded with small gemstones. A special highlight are the two swinging pendants that are connected to the earrings via two anchor chains of different lengths. Our flower THOMAS SABO necklace and the floral ring can be wonderfully combined with this styling. The necklace with precious 18-carat gold-plating fascinates with a stone set in an elaborate baguette and marquise cut and the ring sparkles harmoniously in pastel colours  giving your style a nature-inspired touch reminiscent of a fragrant bouquet of flowers.

    Earring flower with colourful stones gold
    Necklace flowers gold with stones lilac
    Ring flowers colourful stones gold

    A noble potpourri of nature

    Each flower has its own symbolism, but to help you embrace all the qualities from the world of flowers, THOMAS SABO has created a noble potpourri and combined floral elements from nature in unique designs  grace, love, friendship and generosity are yours for the taking.

    Ear Clip butterfly gold
    Ear studs flower gold with stones lilac
    Pendant butterfly colourful stones silver-gold

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