Magic Leaves: Jewellery inspired by nature

    Delicate pieces of jewellery that look flattering on the wearer. These accessories awaken memories of the flower power movement in the 60s, making man and nature one.
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    Internationally, leaves are a symbol of fertility, growth and renewal. In some parts of the world, plants and nature are a symbol of happiness and prosperity. At THOMAS SABO, leaves stand for elegance, beauty, sophistication and naturalness.

    Pure elegance

    With the new Magic Leaves range, our designers have surpassed themselves and created pieces of jewellery that set the scene for every décolleté, wrist, ear or finger in a playful and romantic way. The yellow-gold-plated necklace with leaf pendant is reminiscent of the style of the 60s and impresses with matt lines and polished surfaces. The same applies to the filigree earrings: a special highlight is the drop-shaped chain that can be removed from the plug, allowing you to create two different looks with one piece of jewellery. Finally, round off your outfit by choosing the unique crown-leaf ring. The fine and precise structure of the shapes, lines and dots are reminiscent of the foliage in nature. The ring, decorated with sparkling zirconia highlights, is handmade.

    necklace leaves large gold
    earring leaves with chain large gold
    ring leaves crown gold

    Filigree & aesthetic

    If you have a simple and elegant style, then the 925 sterling silver ring and bracelet is are right for you. The band ring and bracelet made with zirconia convince with a fascinating vintage effect. Whilst the ring has two leaves entwined around the finger, the bracelet appears light, filigree and aesthetic. Thanks to an extension chain, the bracelet can be easily adjusted to the wrist. Both accessories can be combined with any choice of clothing and exude a refined charm.

    ring leaves silver
    bracelet leaf silver
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    If you want to feel the power and energy of the leaves and are still looking for a suitable piece of jewellery, then stop by one of our stores near you or scroll through our online shop. If you have wrapped yourself in one or more THOMAS SABO accessories, you are welcome to take a photo of yourself, then post it on your social media profile and tag us at @thomassabo.

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