Magic White: Elegant Christmas look with white accessories

    Be inspired by the graphic look of our handcrafted jewellery with white zirconia stones.
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    White Christmas is the term used when snow falls or lies around December time, especially on Christmas Eve (24 December). This idea is so deeply rooted in people's minds because most people associate it with Christmas carols such as 'Leise rieselt der Schnee' or 'White Christmas' - although there was certainly no snow when Jesus was born in Palestine.

    White Christmas in ring form

    So that you can still enjoy white Christmas with your loved ones, with or without snowfall, we offer you a wide selection of chic accessories to complement your Christmas look. Rings from the mystical 'Magic Stones' collection are particularly eye-catching and suitable. Whether it's a cocktail or statement ring or a piece of jewellery with baguette cut: all precious items skilfully round off your outfit and offer you an elegant touch of glamour. Three rings, one same detail: The zirconia stones of the rings, which have different shapes but sparkle brightly on each hand, look like a crystalline layer of ice - modern and graphically inspired.

    ring White stones
    ring White stones
    ring White stones baguette cut

    Bright white highlights

    You will find star-like beauty in the filigree THOMAS SABO bracelets: On the one hand a piece of jewellery in the classic baguette shape and with movable zirconia stones, which has been handcrafted in high quality, and on the other hand a bracelet with small lucky charms, which reminds you that luck is often hidden in the little things of life. Both accessories make you think of a clear night sky with bright white dots - stars - looking at the stones. And you will discover these not only looking towards the sky, but also as an elegant and chic bracelet on your wrist.

    bracelet Angular stones with baguette cut
    bracelet Small lucky charms, silver
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    Timeless Chains

    But not only your wrist should shine bright on Christmas Eve, but also your cleavage, which you can decorate with exceptional 'Magic Stones' chains. For example, the short necklace with an almost graphic baguette shape is a timeless accessory that reflects the light wonderfully with its clear, sparkling facets. Also the delicate Y-chain made of shiny silver looks very elegant and fits through the filigree design to every outfit that you wear. Somewhat more glamorous and eye-catching is the length-adjustable chain with white zirconia, in which each stone element is individually handcrafted and movable.

    necklace Baguette shape
    necklace Angular stones with baguette cut, long
    necklace White mix of shapes

    Accessories for a high-pin hairstyle

    earrings Angular stones, white
    ear studs Angular stones with baguette cut
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    If you would like to discover even more THOMAS SABO jewellery for yourself and your loved ones, then stop by at one of our stores near you or scroll through our online shop. And when Christmas Eve is finally approaching and everyone has wrapped themselves in pretty clothes and our accessories, take a picture of yourself and your family / friends, post it on your social media profile and tag us at @thomassabo.

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